Cloud4C 4Copy Cloud
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Cloud with built in Hot & Cold DR with
secure, scalable and Robust Connectivity

4 Reasons to choose Cloud4C

Cloud Monitoring Service

BCP Enabled

The world’s only BCP hosting cloud server with built in high availability, disaster recovery and backup. Our cloud server is built to offer resilience & high elasticity which are the key differentiators in the industry.

Cloud Infrastructure

Tier 4 Infrastructure &

Built on next gen architecture, our cloud service infrastructure is super scalable with unlimited instances & capacity that caters to start up enterprises & big businesses alike. 2N+N network redundancy with 99.995% availability, SLA & support. Guaranteed quality of service for iHops.

Cloud security

SOC Ready & Security Compliance

Proactive monitoring with log analysis. Security & Scalability - SMB availability. Role base access & built in dual factor authentication makes our cloud hosting services the most secure of all.

Best Cloud Service

Single Click Deploy

Super fast & one click, on-demand deploy makes ours the best cloud service for all Cloud services. Storage SSDs, lowest latency to help you take super fast decisions on the fly & have time to focus on your core competency.

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Cloud Advantages

Cloud security


Cloud server hosted in a tier 4 datacenter with worldclass connectivity infrastructure and security environment with 24*7 support

Cloud Storage Services


2nd Copy Cloud with synchronous replication ensuring the highest uptime in the industry makes us one of the fastest cloud server providers in India.

Cloud disaster recovery


3rd Copy Cloud in a different seismic zone which is atleast 500KM away from primary datacenter. This will ensure disaster recovery as part of our cloud security in case of any major outages in the Primary DC.

Cloud Database Services


4th Copy Cloud is a backup kept to ensure data is safe from real time integrity issues. It is kept in a different Datacenter in the same city as the Primary DC. This 4th copy can also be upgraded to zero data loss Infrastructure.

World's biggest brands use our services

CtrlS maintains good relationships and follows up regularly about the service, to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Mr.Manoj Patel, Relay Express

Migration to Cloud was made so easy by CtrlS.Server was installed and set up without any problems, most importantly, zero downtime.

Mr.NVV Krishnam Raju, Seventeen Networks
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