5 Benefits of Digital Transformation
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Digital transformation unlocks plethora of capabilities for enterprises to stay ahead in the business.

Gone are the days where enterprises relied on the unstructured data and legacy workloads to carry out their daily operations. With digitization phasing into the information technology space, a large number of enterprises have kick started their journey towards what we call ‘Digital Transformation.’ Touted to be one of the major disruptions of the business, DX as it’s popularly known as, digital transformation is talk of the town, thanks to the benefits bundled with it that can ideally change the outlook of any enterprise for that matter. When agility, flexibility and business continuity take the top slot, digital transformation is the only respite that can enable businesses to function seamlessly by leveraging DX technology.

A survey conducted by Tech Pro Research has unveiled interesting facts. The respondents were CEOs and CIOs of giant companies. At least 70% of them said that their companies already had a digital transformation strategy in place. 68% of them said that paper reduction was the major reason for leaning on to digital transformation while 50% of them said it would help them automate the IT (information technology). Another 39% of the respondents stressed that digital transformation would throw insights into sales, as in sales predictions.

Here’s the holistic view of the benefits as to why Digital Transformation is looming large, and as to why enterprises—irrespective of its magnitude—are going gaga over it

1. Streamline the Process: By moving all the mission critical applications towards the digital transformation, enterprises can open channels of better collaboration between the workforce and vendors. The cutting edge technologies can seamlessly integrate with the existing data and workloads. This enables the companies to make better and data driven decision in real-time.

2. Agility: Greater agility is surely on cards when digital transformation is embraced. Get ready to eliminate the bottlenecks that are prevalent in the legacy infrastructure. Enterprises can automate their workflows and pay only for what they utilize especially by leveraging cloud and other IaaS models. The agile approach even eliminated the hurdles between the end customers, enterprise customers and enterprises.

3. Reduced Costs: By eliminating the business heads and other workforce who are deployed to manage the legacy applications, companies undoubtedly reduce significant costs. Further, investment on the hardware for future use would result in unwanted expenditures. In cloud model, enterprises can bid adieu to the hardware management, and rely on infrastructure as a service.

4. Analytics: Based on the customer data, preferences and behavior, enterprises can swiftly analyze and predict as to what works for the customers that helps the companies to be more market responsive, and meet the customer expectations that bolster the business.

5. Stay Updated: When IaaS is leveraged, enterprises are provided with the updated infrastructure that unlocks plethora of capabilities for them to experiment and stay ahead in the business unlike legacy applications where getting updated infrastructure is complex.

Cloud4C is a pioneer in handling end-to-end cloud solutions. We help enterprises to move towards digitization by providing a highly scalable, robust and globally compliant infrastructure. With over 12 years of experience in digital transformation space, we managed 45 banks, and have strong customer base of 3500. Cloud4C provides single SLA up to application login layer to avoid complexities.


Digital Transformation


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