Disaster Recovery as a Service on AWS

Cloud4C Leverages AWS Platform to Offer Unmatched DRaaS

Cloud4C offers compliance ready, SLA based RPO/RTO for applications on AWS. To companies that have a limited understanding of DRaaS, its Disaster Recovery offered as a service. By switching to disaster recovery, enterprises can replicate the physical or virtual servers at multiple locations to ensure that they have a concrete backup plan in case of any human errors or natural calamities that can result in outages.

Why Should Companies Lean on DRaaS?

Any enterprise that doesn’t have a systematic disaster recovery plan (DRP) should vouch for DRaaS. This would ensure that all the critical data would be safeguarded by a third party at a different location, and would be recovered without effecting the daily operations.

Data Protection

All your sensitive data would be safe with a third party specialist such as Cloud4C.

Real-time Recovery

Enterprises can recover the lost applications and data in real-time by accessing the servers at the third party.

Cloud4C’s Approach

Automated DR Testing

Our highly specialized team would test your applications regularly to ensure that they are responding to disaster recovery. Enterprises can just push the automated testing button and the application takes care of the rest that will reduce their time.

No Vendor Lock-in

At Cloud4C, customer satisfaction takes the center- stage. We eliminate vendor lock-ins and provide complete support for customers to leverage any latest tools to install on to their infrastructure, and the same would be backed up in real-time.


Cloud4C supports all the applications and the data. We would move them to AWS seamlessly. Atop these capabilities, Cloud4C has a heterogeneous approach so that customers can avoid using multiple tools.

Prioritized Sync

Cloud4C enables its customers to sync their applications based on their priority. Mission critical applications would be recovered first followed by the remaining ones.