AWS Security

Unparalleled Security at Your Fingertips

Cloud4C offers cutting edge enterprise level security solutions for AWS cloud environments. Our robust multi-layer security framework facilitates uncompromised security for your workloads.

Merits of Choosing Cloud4C’s Managed Security on AWS Platform

Security Strategy

Cloud4C is a pioneer in managed security services. We have certified cyber-security experts who understand the business of the enterprise. This would typically include the pitfalls in the existing legacy applications why hackers are attracted to your applications, if there’s an internal threat, and how to effectively monitor the logs.

Beyond the Logs

Cloud4C has multi-layered security frameworks that go beyond the logs, and understand as to what’s happening with your applications.

Host Level Security

Cloud4C doesn’t believe in just network level intrusion detection but our framework has security bundled at the host level. This will provide a comprehensive picture of the application traffic.

Zero inside Threats

Cloud4C understand that internal threat can always cost dearer to the enterprises. We have a stellar system in place that will prevent unauthorized installation, unauthorized access to network activity and abnormal login attempts.

Liability Detection

In the advent of any attempts for unauthorized access to restricted applications, Cloud4c’s team would record the incidents and report to the enterprise in real-time. This helps in identifying the exact resource, who can be a threat to internal security.

Cloud4C’s Approach

Data Safety

Our security framework is spot on with the expectations of any enterprise. We preserve and protect the data so that there’s no breach.


Cloud4C takes the onus of redesigning your work-force as per the existing norms and compliances of different regions where the enterprises intend to do business.


Enterprises can scale up or scale down any security offerings at any given point as per the business requirements.

Remediation Support

In the advent of critical incidents, Cloud4C provides the remediation support and brings things under the control in real-time.