Data Center Migration

Robust Framework for Assessing the Workloads

Enterprises can lean on Cloud4C when it comes to end-to-end cloud migration and managed services including security as a service. We have a dedicated Security Center where our cyber specialists are vigilant about the traffic and address cyber incidents timely.

Assessment Overview

Assessment of the workload takes the center stage as it will help in understanding which applications need to be migrated to the cloud. Cloud4C utilizes leverages Azure native tools such as Azure Migrate, Cloudamize, and Azure Site Recovery.

Chalking out an ideal cost-effective migration policy to meet business goals

Rolling out a blue print of legacy infrastructure

Identifying the compliance issues

Assessing the security pitfalls

Executing assessment Azure native tools

Defining the backup strategy for existing workloads

Examining the organization’s business

Learning the business objectives of the enterprises

Cloud4C Migration Approach


Lift and shift of the legacy infrastructure on Azure cloud platform


Upgrading the versions of the cloud besides converting the native apps to cloud based apps


Rebuilding the secondary site, offering apps Saas


Helping enterprises in Paas migrations, building container services, and conversion of workloads to micro-service architecture