ISVs-Independent Software Vendors

Cloud4 has carved out a unique cloud competency practice wherein any software application is customized. We help the independent software vendors (ISVs) to roll out their software applications by leveraging Azure.

Benefits of ISV Products on Azure Platform


Enterprises can now refrain from capital expenditure on hardware, and focus on operational expenditure as they can leverage every crucial software through SaaS model.

Easy Deployment

Cloud4C engages in the deployment of the selected products on to Azure in line with the business objectives. Enterprises would spend no time in either deployment or management of the software tool that they intend to use.

Higher Returns

The workforce who are engaged in managing the on premise hardware can be deployed on more productive assignments, which yields higher ROIs.

Cloud4C ISV


Undertake cloud-to-cloud assignments Legacy infrastructure to cloud Brownfield and Greenfield


Expand the footprint globally Manage the workloads 24x7 IT skills’ workforce management Optimize costs


End-to-end management of the hardware/ infrastructure Customizing the workloads to meet global compliance Provides best in class security