Orchestrating the Workload Assessment and Migrating Enterprise SAP Workloads on Azure Cloud platform

Orchestrating Workload Assessment

Cloud4C is a leading cloud and managed service provider. We are a gold partner of Microsoft Azure and largest global premium supplier of HANA enterprise cloud.

SAP on Azure from Cloud4C

Flawless Architecture

Specifically carved out for the enterprises that are leaning on traditional SAP on-premise workloads, SAP on Azure is bundled with the features that on-premise solution.

360-Degree View

With SAP on Azure, you can yield higher transparency in terms of managing SAP applications. Azure is designed to meet the complexities of SAP, so it does support all the crucial applications that the enterprises require.


Enterprises do have certain setbacks that we understand. Especially when you have to deal with scaling up the workloads, on-premise demands enterprise’s extra effort.

Greater Support

Unlike other cloud services of HANA that supports only in specified regions, SAP on Azure has comprehensive best-in-class support so that you can carry out the complex operations seamless from any part of the globe.

Canny Security Support

Azure has robust security support that has zero scopes for data theft whether internal or external. The enterprise-level single SLAs ensure unparalleled and embedded security support

Wide Range of SAP Applications

Cloud4C supports a wide range of SAP workloads on Azure through which companies can continue to use similar SAP applications even on the cloud platform.

Cloud4C Migration Approach

Helping enterprises to migrate their SAP applications to Microsoft Azure.

Migrated 1000+ HANA production environments, and our elite clientele includes 350 clients.

Being a certified gold partner of Microsoft and a giant global supplier of HANA enterprise cloud.

Our customer centric approach keeps Cloud4C on the edge. Committed to excellence,

Cloud4C support Applications Such As

SAP NetWeave

Get cost effective storage options that are readily accessible from anywhere, and comprehensive integrated applications of ERP, CRM, SRM, and SCM


SAP BOBJ is a business intelligence application that provides comprehensive reports and in-depth analysis for an efficient decision making.

SAP SCM Optimizer

Companies that are engaged in the business of supply chain management will be benefitted by SAP SCM Optimizer, which runs on both windows and Linux.