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Give your Business Top Cloud Advantages - Cloud4C
Cloud4C 4Copy Cloud

Advantages of Cloud4C

The following are the unique aspects of Cloud4C which no other cloud provider will provide:


To meet today's demanding BC/DR strategies, IT organizations that use cloud should focus on appropriate availability zones in SLA's. Further multiple storage options and low-failure rate storage are required. Cloud4C provides these as follows:

SLA that delivers:

Most common cloud SLA are not suited for most deployments. Most analysts have gone to the extent of calling them useless. The standard SLA from existing cloud service providers impose strict guidelines in how users must architect their cloud systems for the SLAs to apply in the case of service disruptions, leading to increased costs for users. A major cloud vendor, for example, requires customers to have their applications run across at least two availability zones (AZ), which are physically separate data centers that host the company's cloud services. Both AZs must be unavailable for the SLA to kick in. Another vendor SLA only applies if customers cannot access any AZs. That means customers have to potentially architect their applications to span three or more AZs, each one imposing additional costs on the business.

Cloud4C differs with the following strength:
  1. Simplified product range where licensing complexity and advisory are undertaken by CtrlS to handle SLA needs.
  2. Default of 4 data-copies removes the onus of AZ on the end-user. This means 4 AZ by default.
  3. Custom network configuration across AZ using the Cloud4C Cloud Network module
  4. Cloud Disaster Recovery Module covered by SLA to remove additional datacenter/AZ costs.
  5. Enterprise risk treatment by signing off SLA based compliance risk
Multiple connectivity options

Cloud4C benefits from connectivity from all the major Telecom companies and there will be no disruption even if any Telco goes down. Cloud4C has a huge bandwidth capacity of 18 Gbps. It also supports MPLS and P2P (Point to Point) connectivity.

Best of Breed Storage:

Cloud4C by default use SSD's. These provide 10 x performance boosts to VM's and applications ensuring that storage does not become a bottle neck for any Database or Bigdata operations. SSD does not have any moving parts and hence have lower failure rates


While most cloud offerings provide multiple components, they package it with different SLA and the packages are not inflexible. Cloud4C provides eleven different components that come in variety of customizable packages. The following is a list of these:

  1. Cloud Storage & Backup
  2. Cloud Security
  3. Cloud Network
  4. Cloud Monitoring
  5. Cloud Managed Support
  6. Cloud Disaster Recovery
  7. Cloud Database
  8. Cloud Compute Instances
  9. Cloud Communication
  10. Cloud CDN
  11. Cloud Bigdata

Cloud4C provides excellent compliance especially to IT ACT 200 and uses a series of certified processes:

Certified Operations:
Cloud4C operations are standards compliant including:
  1. SOC 2 (Service Organization Control) & SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) compliant:
  2. Certified Processes - ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 20000:1
  3. Compliant to local jurisdiction as per IT ACT2000

Cloud4C derives its strength due to CtrlS Experienced Service Delivery handling fortune 500 clients – SSAE16 and In-house development ops team for automation and remediation IPR

Know your data location:

Cloud4C by design retains 4 copies of data and provides complete transparency to the end user on data location. All the customer data resides in Indian dominion compliant to local Jurisdiction as Per IT ACT2000, this also results in very minimal latency in data access as the data does not cross continents.


Cloud4C provides the following features that provide the subscriber with ultimate control on their subscription:

Integrated Dashboard

Right from Integrated Cloud4C interface featuring all the cloud offerings with a intuitive dashboard to the best SLA in the industry Cloud4C can claim to be a cloud that actually delivers on its promise. For an Indian enterprise Cloud4C is better and competitive than most competing offerings due to adherence to Indian laws and INR billing.

Protection against rouge-commandeering:

Cloud4C provides the most usable integrated control panel along with Cloud Monitoring and Security component by default. This allows the user to keep a tab on resource consumption while delivering the service. The Cloud4C interface allows creating sub-users with limited rights to manage Cloud Servers thus enhancing the servers' security by restricting access to authorized sub-users.

Performance Monitoring & Load Scaling:

Competing offerings overwhelm a user with metrics burying performance in number presentation, Cloud4C provides the most ready representation of performance and allows performance monitoring from a unified dashboard.
Auto scaling and load balancing is provided wherein with Auto Scale, user can prepare for unexpected load changes, as well as those user is anticipating—such as holiday shopping seasons, sales campaigns, and predictable traffic patterns. Auto Scale can handle unexpected loads easily.

Intra-cloud Security:

Cloud4C has a unique Cloud Security component that is operational right from the Hypervisor layer, coupled with Proactive monitoring and alerts for resource utilization along with advanced monitoring services like application monitoring, security monitoring, IDS, IPS protection etc. Dedicated Hardware UTM (Unified Threat Management) with IDS (Intrusion Detection System), IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) and Anti-Virus. Option of encryption for highest level of security is provided across layers.

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