Disaster comes in various shapes, sizes and forms that could hinder the business continuity. Not having a disaster recovery in place is diving into deep seas without oxygen tanks. Given the prominence of DR, companies are leaning on third parties for leveraging DR as a Service. If your enterprise is still alien to DR concept, it’s the time to embrace DRaaS. Not sure where to finnd the right vendor? Cloud4C is here for you to offer uncompromised DRaaS.
Give new dimensions to your business with better resiliency from Cloud4C

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Cloud4C, a born in the cloud provider of mission critical enterprise solutions and a Microsoft CSP Gold Partner, can help your business assess, and execute your DR plan to achieve digital resiliency.

Agenda of the assessment:
  • Understanding the business process, workflow and inter-dependencies.
  • Understanding and analyzing the reports around Business impact analysis and risk assessment.
  • Understanding Business Applications functionality, criticality and inter-dependencies.
  • Defining DR SLAs i.e. RPO/RTO.
  • Design DR solution architecture on Azure encompassing Azure compute, storage, network and connectivity.
  • Design DC-DR replication architecture.
  • Azure consumption and cost estimation.
  • Designed DR architecture including replication strategy
  • DR solution deployment blueprint

Cloud4C Key Differentiators

  • Comprehensive and ISO 22301 compliance based DR as a service framework, not just for the sake of compliance, but an assurance for business reliability and availability
  • End to end ownership and SLA based services including Recovery during DR times and Resumption after DC stabilisation
  • Customised and tailor made DR capacity based on the criticality and impact on business of each workload

How does it work?

Cloud4C’s ISO22301 based framework ensures digital resiliency for clients. We even cover natural disaster situations, technology failures, and counter cyber-attacks. Cloud4C’s integrated capabilities ensure higher agility and scalability.

Define the DR Strategy

We put a digital strategy in place by codifying the steps that enable enterprises to withstand unexpected outages as Cloud4c strategy.

Design the DR Site

Cloud4Cs highly specialized team would plan the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO), for greater agility.

True Ownership

Cloud4C’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) ensures true ownership to enterprises in terms of implementation, maintenance and configuration. We offer a single SLA upto the application login layer so that enterprises can let go of complexities or formalities.


Helping enterprises in PaaS migrations, building container services, and conversion of workloads to micro-service architecture


Experience a customized disaster recovery design plan. Choose the service as per the needs and budgets of your enterprise. DRaaS is undoubtedly cost-effective as it eliminates the need to host servers on premise and deploy the in-house workforce.

Managed Services

Cloud4C’s infrastructure is compliant with multiple regions. We maintain foolproof security to ensure that there’s no data breach. This offers superior agility, scalability, and enables enterprises to take giant leaps without the need to invest time in maintaining the on premise hardware.


  • Cloud4C has 400+ DRaaS customers across the globe
  • Cloud4C provides single SLA up to application login layer
  • Cloud4C’s DRaaS is compliant with multiple regions. We customize the tools to match compliance.
  • Cloud4C undertakes resiliency drill orchestrations

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