Network Latency: How It Impacts Your Business

Network Latency: How it Impacts Your Business

IDC reports that upto 50% cloud customers are affected by network latency forcing them to bring their infrastructure back in-house. Network latency is the time taken by data packet to get from one point to the other. Latency can be caused by a whole slew of reasons including, but not limited to serialization, routing and data protocols. Network latency can cripple your cloud set up and applications deployed on the cloud.

With the right set up, cloud brings considerable economic and business benefits. Forrester expects the cloud industry to reach $160 billion by 2020. Lack of an efficient cloud set up might mean a loss of competitive advantage to a number of businesses in the future. In addition to loss of revenues through sales, it also affects staff productivity adding to the loss of revenue. It is important therefore, businesses review the latency aspect of cloud providers closely. There are a few important factors that will help you reduce latency of your cloud:


Most cloud providers are traditionally based out of developed countries, so if you are located in one of the Tier 2 countries, data will have to travel back and forth all the time. This will invariably cause delays in application and website loading time.

Cloud4C tackles this problem head on by being present in 17 countries, including Tier 2 countries. A data center close to your business will save your data transfer time lowering your latency considerably.

Multiple Network Options

With Cloud4C, you can customize every aspect of your set up. You can choose a dedicated network to further minimize your latency. As a carrier neutral data center, we can provide you with a network provider of your choice.

Point of Presence

Cloud4C can provide you with cloud cache or points of presence in 175 locations all over the world. The first time data is transferred, the POPs store the data in cache. That way, the subsequent requests will be faster as the data will be picked up from cache.

Cloud4C has also invested in network optimization tools and you can benefit from these optimized networks. Our experts will help you further enhance your infrastructure so that the entire cloud is optimized for minimum latency. For a detailed discussion of our services you can visit Cloud4C.

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