What Should CIOs Look For In Their MSPs

As businesses grow, customer needs and preferences play a significant role in deciding the nature of the applications and infrastructure that needs to be in place. Enterprises need to become more fluid in their approach of setting up their infrastructure so that they can quickly adapt to changing customer needs. Moving to managed services rather than implementing all systems in-house is a great approach; one that saves time and makes managing change easy and affordable.

It is necessary however that as a CIO, you partner with someone who will help you make this transfer quick and hassle-free. Things to look out for are one-click services, fast or pre-built setups for your industry, and regulation-compliant services.
As your company’s CIO, you must look at the MSPs as partners and not as replacements to your existing systems. You must help them understand your expectations and future needs. After all, you don’t want to move to a new MSP next year! You can assess their ability to provide what you need for the years to come.

Complex System Handling

Cutting-edge technology makes customer service better and increases responsiveness, but it also makes your underlying system complex. You need new infrastructure, skills, and methods of managing the system. IT teams are often left behind because their service providers may not have the right skills to cater to their needs.

Your managed service provider should be equipped to handle such changes quickly and efficiently. It is a good idea to review how they manage the latest technology change in the industry and how many of their customers are on it. A great track record is what you are looking for — if they have done in the past, they can do it again.

Governance and Regulatory Compliance

MSPs should be able to meet all your governance and regulatory requirements and security protocols needed for your business. If your business is present in more than one country, the MSP should be able to provide you with a local regulatory complaint system in all the countries of presence.

It is wise to look how many customers they have in your industry, for example, if you are a bank, it is a red alert if most of your MSP’s customers are only from the healthcare industry.

Efficiency of your managed service provider

Whether you are in a B2B or a B2C industry, time to market is critical to your success. Ensure that your MSP possesses the necessary skilled personnel, understanding, infrastructure, technology and processes to ensure exceptional response times. It is ideal to include these response times in your SLAs. Include availability, scalability, performance as well as response time, and speed of scalability among others.>

Exhaustive toolset and related resources

Your business might use a range of platforms and applications from legacy systems, all the way to the cutting-edge applications. Your MSP should be able to cater to all your needs, including an integrated and isolated set of technology while optimizing the entire system to help your core business work efficiently. It is perfectly reasonable to expect your MSP to be able to enhance your current system, because if not, why move with them at all?

Flexibility across Environments

Your MSP should have customers who are using their services in all environments and delivery models, including public, private and hybrid clouds. This shows their flexibility and ability to cope with different structures. They are also more likely to create a strategy that is ideal for your unique business needs.

While you are considering their flexibility, you can also check their payment models to ensure that it fits into your business structure well. A good MSP should take your needs into account for payment models as well.

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