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Cloud CDN with 175+ POPs

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  • Deliver content faster with TurboJet CDN
  • Best Domestic & Global coverage with 175+ pops
  • Optimize bandwidth with speed boosters
  • Customized packages to boost site performance

Each such network instance has been created in such a way that any transaction through the virtual instance is fully secure, allowing end-user to create back to back connections between two or more VM's that he may have. This increases the network speed significantly. Ctrl4C enables end-user to provision instances which are on high availability mode allowing end-user to create internal clusters too!

This component allows to manage, secure and protect proactively on the fly the entire network parameters to handle any traffic such as:

  • DDosBw
  • VPC
  • BW with WAF
  • Perimeter UTF
  • Load Balancer
  • MPLS & P2P crossconnect

Important Features:

  • MPLS & P2P crossconnect
  • Perimeter UTF
  • DDOS Protected Bandwidth | WAF Bandwidth
  • Load balanced clusters with back to back connectivity
  • Multiple MMR For Network Redundancy

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Our Clients
  • Bank of America
  • bmw
  • fedex
  • puma
  • Stanard Charted
  • sap
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