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Cloud Collaboration


Entrust your business with Cloud4C cloud-based Communication, Collaboration, and Infrastructure solutions. The most complete communications portfolio and seamless integration makes us your one-stop shop for connecting with Suppliers, coworkers, and customers.

  • Exchange
  • Lync
  • Sharepoint
Usage: Pay per usage model on cloud based storage for all your communication collaboration needs
  • Pricing starts at ?100/mailbox/month

Cloud4C leverages unified communications to provide user the ability to seamlessly collaborate—whether by VoIP, conferencing, IM, file sharing or blogs. Along the way, it simplifies management—enabling all your resources available through one Cloud4C interface, all accessible on one device in real time. MS Exchange, MS Sharepoint, MS Lync are some of the technologies offered.

Important Features:
  • Elastic scalability of capacity and costs
  • Fully managed solutions and modifiable options
  • Smartphone Client
  • Single Number Reach
Cloud Collaboration Plans & Pricing
Mail Services Plans:  
Services Cost per Unit in INR
Mail Notification Services Free
SMS Notification Services 0.4
Alerting Services Plans:  
Services MRC in INR
Adv Linux Mail Services (Mithi/Zimbra) 100
Microsoft Exchange Bronze Pack (Online Archiving) 80
Microsfot Exchange Platinum Pack - Lync and Sharepoint 150
Free Options and Top Ups
Cloud Support
10 tickets with annual validity free with your package
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Cloud Support Plans & Options
Cloud Monitoring
Free for 175 apps with 5 minute polling included
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Cloud Monitoring Plans & Options
Cloud Security
Free firewall, OTP included. For log analyser and SIEM upgrade
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Cloud Security Plans & Options
Cloud DRM
4 Hour RPO and 2 Hour RTO included with your instance
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Cloud DRM Plans & Options
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