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Introduction to Cloud4C:

Cloud4C is a revolutionary product offering from the Asia's largest and India's only Tier-4 data center, CtrlS. True to its name CtrlS is always focused on providing data safety, security and optimal content delivery with a series of cutting edge service offering. The Cloud4C is the most advanced and quickly customizable cloud offering. Cloud4C focuses on providing a cloud with Control, Continuity, Customization and Compliance. Find out more about the Introduction to Cloud4C.

Advantages of Cloud4C

The following are the unique aspects of Cloud4C which no other cloud provider will provide:

  • Continuity
  • Customization
  • Compliance
  • Control
Visit the page to find out the Advantages of Cloud4C.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can check for frequently asked questions on cloud computing, private cloud, public cloud, cloud servers, and many more solutions for your questions. Find out all the Frequently Asked Questions Here.

Video Channel

This video channel provides you the latest videos of Cloud4C, a cloud computing service providers from Asia's largest and India's Only Tier 4 Datacenter, CtrlS Datacenters. Check out our Video Channel Here.

Download Presentations

CtrlS has been the sole Tier 4 certified provider for the last 7 years with a CAGR of 61% last year. It is part of pioneer group with USD 39 Billion Och-Ziff Capital since inception. During this journey it has served 3000+ customers with 22 of ET top 100 clients. The innovation and robust delivery has also been recognized by Gartner. Check out the page for more Presentations.

Download our Case Studies

Cloud4C provides various case studies on cloud computing and many more cloud based services. Before taking a decision, check out our Case Studies here.

Download our White Papers

Download our latest white papers on cloud computing, private cloud and many more. You can find all the White Papers listed.

Technical Documentation

Cloud4C is an innovation that grants customers total control of the Cloud with advanced security and built in business continuity. It lets you optimize and manage their IT investment on a pay as you go model. It's your opportunity to go beyond possibilities, get the benefits on your side and stay ahead. Click on the link here to take you to our page on Technical Documentation.

User Manuals

Download User Manuals for our Tier4 Cloud. Find out how you can set up Instances, manage them, etc. Click on the link here to take you to our page on User Manuals.

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