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Cloud4C 4Copy Cloud

Introduction to Cloud4C:

Cloud4C is a revolutionary product offering always focused on providing data safety, security and optimal content delivery with a series of cutting edge service offering. The Cloud4C is the most advanced and quickly customizable cloud offering. Cloud4C focuses on providing a cloud with Control, Continuity, Customization and Compliance.

Cloud4C has a focus on vertical specific solution. We solve the most demanding IT transformation needs for large enterprises and financial services companies globally by providing a fully managed local cloud solution in 20+ countries. Our unique community cloud solution for financial service, verticals has a cloud agnostic framework along with full suite of security controls, Regulatory Compliances and managed services thereby delivering a better TCO and single SLA. Our certifications include ISO 20000-1, ISO 22301, ISO 27001, 27017, 27018, SOC 1, SOC2, PCI DSS V3.2,etc. to service the needs of all business verticals.

The Cloud Challenges:

While Cloud is truly a revolutionary offering, it is beset by practical problems that all relate to the implementation mechanism adopted by providers. Some of the key challenges and problems are:

  • Rouge Commandeering of Cloud resources:

    Cloud focuses on managing virtual machines and the main risk is rogue or unwarranted commandeering of services. Cloud services require governance and usage monitoring. End-user enterprises need cloud service governance frameworks that help prevent employees accessing information or services they are not permitted to use.

  • Performance Management:

    Only an optimal configuration can provide the desired performance. The usual cost-benefit analysis done on a spread-sheet resulting in a mix of SSD-HDD, OS mix throws up impractical configurations that simply do not deliver the computed theoretical performance. Many competing services provide too much of data that needs lots of analytics to arrive at performance bottlenecks. Together the complete cloud experience is spoiled scaring away the end user.

  • Intra-Cloud Security:

    Cloud Services unless properly implemented multiply the security threats:

    • The XML and Web services are vulnerable to attacks from compromised hypervisors in the cloud network
    • Resource Denial-of-Service attacks that are internal to the configured cloud due to misconfigured Hypervisors that leak resources and consume resources without delivering the service
    • Network Denial-of-Service attacks routed from neighboring VM and monitoring hosts using techniques such as spoofing
    • Physical Security of hardware and data: Most common cloud configurations have no element of redundancy other than standard virtual RAID type offerings. There is no default protection against seismic risk for most cloud configurations unless the end-user has enough expertise to set-it-up himself or is a premium paying customer. A seismic event at the data-center is usually enough to wreck most cloud configurations and data, unless there are specific protections
  • Adherence to Local laws:

    Cloud offerings are practically unusable by data regulated enterprises such Pharma, eGovernance,etc since they are not tailored for local laws such as IT Act 2000. Asking an end-user to go through the hassle of configuring his cloud subscription to adhere local laws is the best excuse for the end-user to discontinue his subscription that very instant.

  • The Missing Integrated Dashboard:

    Most datacenter providers sell a boutique of existing offerings as cloud services, and true to the legacy of these offerings there is usually no single dashboard or at best it is a stitched dashboard, this is far from a usable product.

The Cloud4C Pedigree:

The Cloud4C is designed to address all these shortcomings. Cloud4C derives its strength from the following undeniable facts:

  1. Redundant network offering 99.995% uptime SLA, the highest in the Industry
  2. Four Copy Cloud
  3. 2N+N Disaster Proof Network
  4. Certified Processes - ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 20000:1
  5. 24 x 7 x 365 Support
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