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Content Delivery Network Architecture for Optimum Speed

Deliver your content worldwide fast with ease in a cost effective manner

You only have a few seconds of your customer's attention before they move on to some other website or application. Cloud4C's content delivery network (CDN) is built to solve this problem for our customers. Our CDN stretches across the globe and provides you a fast and reliable network to transfer your data.

Content Delivery Networks

Accelerate Content Delivery Globally to any Device

Content Delivery Networks

Our Robust Security blocks Security threats to absorb DDoS attacks

Content Delivery Networks

Scalable Storage and Compute Capacity


High-end World Class Network

Content Delivery Networks

Easy-To-Use Control Panel

Content Delivery Networks

Secure Token & Geoblocking

Accelerate Your Site Performance
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Our network is cross connected through Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MLPS) PTP protocols, so our network is fast and designed in the most efficient way to avoid a data transfer replication. The network is highly protected from threats like DDOS BW, includes load balancer.

Highlights of CDN

  • Content delivery with CDN
    Cloud4C content delivery network (CDN) is designed to deliver content faster and in a secure manner. The cost is reduced considerably as the content is stored in one of our local point of presences (POPs).
  • Best Domestic & Global Coverage
    Our POPs are located all over the globe and we have over 175 POPs deployed to deliver content faster in their respective local areas. When the content is requested for the first time, it is downloaded and stored on the local POP and thereafter delivered from there, drastically reducing the delivery time.
  • Boost Site Performance with Customized Packages
    We have specialized packages that will enable you to improve your site performance by speeding it up. You can avail our speed boosters as well to optimize your bandwidth.
  • Perimeter UTM
    Unified threat management used perimeter wide so your data is protected by the latest technology available in an efficient manner.
  • DDOS Protected Bandwidth
    You can be sure that all your data is protected from DDOS attacks and so the network will never be bombarded with robotic requests.
  • Load Balanced Clusters with Back to Back Connectivity
    When your network is receiving too many pings and reaching its maximum limit, it can transfer some of its load to the load balancer so the network in itself is safe.
  • Multiple MMR for Network Redundancy
    Our datacenters have network redundancy and benefit from two meet me rooms. That way any failure of one meet me room will not affect your network.

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