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Cloud Database Services - Cloud4C
Cloud4C 4Copy Cloud

Cloud Database with Oracle, SQL, MySQL Support


The Cloud4C cloud database is for everyone out there looking at a cloud instance with a relational database provided as a native feature of the virtual machine. This not only provides an instance with full fledged features and working abilities of any database system; it also allows you to concentrate your efforts in developing your applications as database administration tasks are managed through the VM itself.

  • Oracle
  • Versant DBs
  • My SQL
  • Mongo DB
  • SQL
Usage: Get high performance super-fast databases on the cloud
  • Pricing starts at ?5.2/hr

Be it Oracle, MS-SQL, MY-SQL, Postgre SQL as your DB engines, the Cloud4C cloud database instance enables supervision of resource utilization at all levels. This allows end-user to automate of time-consuming tasks such as deployment, configuration, and patching. Cloud4C also has instances for usage of NO-SQL flavors like Mongo and Versant.

Cloud4C allows end-user two deployment models where end-user may run databases on the cloud independently using a virtual machine image OR user may purchase one of our cloud database VM's preinstalled with an RDBMS on it.

Important Features:
  • Pay-per-use based on DB Instance hours consumed, memory, storage, and data transfer
  • Increased accessibility
  • Automatic failover and fast automated recovery from failures
  • Set up and visualize your database in minutes
  • Container-based virtualization

Cloud Bigdata

Whether the user is deploying traditional relational database management systems, massively distributed implementations such as Hadoop, or an integrated solution for both, Cloud4C has a solution. Servers based on Intel® Xeon® processors are ideal for Hadoop clusters - dual-socket servers that are optimal for deployments ranging from a few to thousands of nodes.

Cloud4C enables deployment of your BigData projects within minutes with our readily available big data plans. User also has the power to create personalized topologies with custom network and security settings to work with any Big Data module user may want to include the current industry leading Hadoop and OpenStack.

Important Features:
  • Instance based pricing
  • Superior distribution framework
  • Big List of API's available for use
  • Dedicated COE for maintenance and operations
Free Options and Top Ups
Cloud Support
10 tickets with annual validity free with your package
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Cloud Monitoring
Free for 175 apps with 5 minute polling included
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Cloud Monitoring Plans & Options
Cloud Security
Free firewall, OTP included. For log analyser and SIEM upgrade
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Cloud Security Plans & Options
Cloud DRM
4 Hour RPO and 2 Hour RTO included with your instance
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