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Best Cloud Disaster Recovery Service - Cloud4C
Cloud4C 4Copy Cloud

Cloud Disaster Recovery with customizable RTPO


This offering is defined based on the RPO (Recovery Point Objective) & RTO (Recovery Time Objective). The Cloud4c comes with four copies of data for zero data loss & easy disaster recovery. Out of these, two copies of data will be kept in the primary datacenter with synchronous replication and high availability. Third copy of the data will be kept in another datacenter as a backup. Fourth copy will be kept as a back up in a different datacenter & seismic zone using asynchronous replication. This is offered by default for any customer.

  • Pricing starts at ?2500.00/month

Cloud4C cloud DR enables businesses of all sizes to protect production applications both to the cloud and in the cloud. With Cloud4C disaster recovery in the cloud, companies can now replace their primary or secondary data centers and benefit from cloud automation and flexibility while having solid DR assurance. Our DR specialists plan, test, and in case of disaster, execute your recovery processes, then give you secure access to your recovered systems.

Cloud Disaster Recovery
Important Features:
  • Quick recovery of mission critical applications.
  • Customised DR Plans
  • Pay only when you use
  • Remote management of all Backups
  • Multi-tenant management
Cloud DRM Plans & Pricing
Services RPO RTO DR Automation Automated BCP Cost per process MRC Variable Cost MRC
Silver Pack 4 2 Upto 3 Instance N/A Free Free
Gold Pack Min 1 Hr Min 1 Hr upto 6 Instances 50 SMS 2500 1.6 per hour per GB of primary site data
Platinum Min 15 Minutes Min 30 Minutes upto 10 Instances 100 SMS 8000 4 per hour per GB of primary site data
To choose computing instances, based on memory, storage,
computing or general with reserved or on demand instances using
light, medium or heavy, please click here to see plans and options for cloud hosting.
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