Cloud Talks

Azure Stack - 03 Mar, 2019

Planning to deploy a hybrid cloud solution with Azure Stack - Things to consider

By 2020, 90% of the businesses around the world may shift to hybrid cloud infrastructure. Hybrid cloud offers companies the scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of public cloud combined with the security and compliance benefits of...

MSP - 03 Mar, 2019

5 Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing a Managed Service Provider

Today, businesses operate in a complex tech-driven competitive environment using a plethora of applications and clouds. Managing this distributed infrastructure in a secure manner is a complex and resource...

Technology - 02 Feb, 2019

How Fintech Companies are Leveraging Cloud to Win over Customers

Today, the mass penetration of mobile phones and internet in India has affected a rise in the adoption of emerging technologies. Finance companies are digitally transforming - adopting technology and shifting to a...

Technology - 02 Feb, 2019

How Multi-Cloud Can Fuel Your Digital Transformation Journey on Cloud

Today, technological evolution and constantly growing customer demands are altering the way organizations work. They are leveraging digital technologies in order to transform their operations, build new revenue...

Technology - 01 Jan, 2019

Why Should We Outsource IT Managed Services?

While it seems like a wonderful idea to have a full-fledged in-house IT team who can take care of all the support and maintenance that IT brings with it, it could turn into an arduous task overtime.

This is...