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Cloud4c Blog - 01 Jan, 2019

Community Cloud And Your Business Can Benefit From It

Traditionally, cloud providers have offered public, private and hybrid cloud offerings. A public cloud offers shared infrastructure and services allowing for easy cloud management and affordable...

Cloud4c Blog - 01 Jan, 2019

How You Can Create An Effective DR Plan!

When you are running a business, disaster can strike anytime. You could suffer a network outage,...

Cloud4c Blog - 01 Jan, 2019

How To Ensure Easy And Successful Migration To Cloud

There is no shortage of reasons on why your applications should be moved to the cloud. Most businesses experience a significant growth in their performance and reduction in their resources usage. Migrating to a...

Cloud4c Blog - 01 Jan, 2019

Cyber Security: The Growing Threats And The Need To Be Safe

As the world is transforming into a digitally-powered one, bringing accessibility, availability...

Cloud4c Blog - 01 Jan, 2019

Ways To Prevent Ransomware Attack

Ransomware — the dreaded word that is causing terror all over the world. It’s a type of malicious software that runs on your local computers, encrypts files, disables them, and demands a ransom for decryption. Just...