Data Center Migration

DC Modernization

Cloud4C is a one-stop destination for Data Center Migration on GCP. Google Cloud Platform is a robust network that provides unmatched performance across the range of computing capabilities. With Google having the large advanced software-defined networks across the globe, Cloud4C advises enterprises to opt for DC Modernization on GCP.

Look Beyond On Premise

Gone are the on-premise days. Leveraging the cloud is the need of the hour. It is time for enterprises to focus on re-modeling their workloads. Why should enterprises spend whopping amounts on maintenance of on-premise hardware when Cloud4C unveils an attractive offer that paves a way to achieve new milestones? If you are all set to explore the new capabilities, here we present the first step-Data Center Modernization.

Saves Time & Effort

Imagine how much time enterprises must have invested in just maintaining and managing their hardware so that they carry out their core business seamlessly. By migrating the data center, enterprises undoubtedly save time and effort as MSPs such as Cloud4C will carry out end-to-end IT operations.


Now move from capital expenditure to operational expenditure as latter costs minimal as compared to investing in hardware, maintaining the same, updating with patches besides deploying workforce for managing the same

Global Outlook

Enterprises need a digital transformation in case they want to go global. With the world becoming a global village, and companies carrying out operation across the globe, enterprises must leverage the new software capabilities such as cloud computing through which companies can connect to their global workforce, vendors and customers 24x7 in real-time.


Data Modernization paves way for greater scalability and agility. The changes can be made swiftly to the database to align with the business goals. Enterprises can also have a proper strategy in place to leverage the trending technologies such as IoT, AI, and Machine Learning, which are supported by GCP.

Data Modernization
Methods from Cloud4C

Enterprises can now yield the best results by switching to data migration on GCP from Cloud4C. With a demonstrated experience in end-to-end cloud computing, Cloud4C adheres to the following data center migration methods.

Data Migration

  • We help enterprises in moving the existing data on legacy systems on to GCP
  • Cloud4C looks into the migrating codes
  • Major changes would not be made to the existing workloads unless they are not compliant
  • Data migration would be done at brisk speed by Cloud4C with minimal downtime

Data Conversion

  • Cloud4C converts the data as in the source and target schemas would not be identical
  • lthough we leverage certain automation tools, the process is majorly manual that’s carried out by our in-house certified GCP specialists

Application Changes

  • Enterprise’s existing legacy workloads would be customized to meet the business expectations
  • Cloud4C’s certified GCP professionals would make necessary changes to make applications compliant across multiple regions

Application Changes

  • We would initially assess the business structure, business goals, and existing legacy application
  • Based on the assessment, Cloud4C rolls out multiple cloud migration plans which include complete lift-and-shift or migrating non-core applications
  • We would offer tailor-made services in line with your business objectives