Disaster Recovery as a Service

DRaaS on Google Cloud

Good news is here for enterprises that are in search of an ideal DRaaS. Cloud4C provides top-notch Digital Recovery as a Service so that companies can keep recovery swiftly in case of any outages. In fact, we take every step to help organizations keep security issues at bay. DRaaS is a cloud computing service that provides back-up and recovery for enterprises so that they can replicate the lost data seamlessly in case of any outages.

Why Cloud4C on Google Cloud

GCP is a new age cloud platform with endless capabilities. The state of art security on GCP ensures no data breach as their models were built after testing it for over 15 years. All the data is encrypted and any new access requests to the server should be authenticated and authorized as well. Cloud4C leverages these capabilities and integrates with its existing multi-layer security models to provide outstanding DRaaS.

Why Cloud4C on Google Cloud

Hassle-Free Data Protection

We have your data stored on a daily basis at a safe and secure location. Our single SLA empowers the enterprise customers to demand a recovery service as and when required without hassles.

Single Platform

We migrate, replicate and preserve all the workloads on a single platform that can be viewed through a robust and user-friendly dashboard.

Automated Testing

We provide automated testing tools through which enterprises can push the button and we take care of the rest. Enterprises can test their replications at any given point to ensure that they are capable of recovery during outages.

No Technology Lock In

There are absolutely zero restrictions with Cloud4C. Enterprises have full authority to try and test any new applications, and we would replicate them timely without any questions.

Over a strong global presence and over 35000 customers, Cloud4C can provide cost-effective services without compromising at any level. For more details on DRaaS, write to us today.