Monitor emails through DMARC



Do you know Spammers can easily send emails to anybody impersonating your domain name? Over 82% Business enterprises worldwide fall prey to such domain phishing crimes by Cyber Criminals leading to enormous irrevocable financial loss & more so jeopardising the Brand’s repute heavily. In order to prevent spammers from breaking into the servers and sending emails from your domain, DMARC should be embraced. Cloud4C offers best in class DMARC Monitor as a Service to fortify your security.

How Does it Work?

Cloud4C helps several Business Enterprises deal with domain phishing attempts, with the preventive or corrective security measures. Primarily, SPF & DKIM are the two independent technologies that will be adopted to safeguard their domains from Malware & Phishing. However, DMARC as the latest fool proof security mechanism will combine SPF & DKIM results to combat domain phishing in a more sophisticated & targeted manner.



  • DMARC is a powerful tool that helps your organization

  • Obtain complete clarity and control over all your email channels


  • Authenticate and improve the deliverability of your emails
  • Block inbound attacks and safeguard your brand name
  • Publish an efficient policy that instructs ISP’s to deliver or delete emails
  • 45 global banks
  • More than 3500 enterprises
  • Single SLA up to application login layer
  • 40+ security controls
  • Regulatory compliant