Maximize Business Value by Migrating to AWS

Cloud4C the value and the business model of Fintech organizations, who’s predominant focus is on matching the business expectations. Internet banking looming large, banks are leveraging the best available tools and started offering the services through the cloud. While security is always an issue, when Fintech enterprises move onto AWS, it will be a thing of past as AWS is designed to withstand even the advanced security issues.

Benefits on AWS & Cloud4C


Banks and other financial organizations can undoubtedly reap the multiple benefits of AWS, which includes and not limited to agility. The applications that they move on to AWS can be modified anytime in real-time as per the convenience. Cloud4C undertakes the responsibility of managing your entire banking system on the cloud so that banks can function even more efficiently.

Data-Driven Decisions

When it comes to loans or anything that has to deal with assessing the customers’ credit worthiness, Fintech corporations can effortlessly leverage the AWS platform as it’s bundled with a plethora of business analytics and artificial intelligence


AWS understand the importance of security, and comes equipped with AWS Security Hub that gives real-time insights on the traffic. On top of it, Cloud4C has bolt-on security layers that can be coupled with the existing AWS hub to make your security uncompromisingly strong.

Go Global

Say good-bye to your complex and complicated banking procedures and go global with few clicks. AWS is available in over 60 regions, and compliance will not be a hurdle anymore when it comes to compliance. In fact, we at Cloud4C take every effort to make your workloads compliant to the land where the banking operations are active.

Cloud4C Values

Single SLA

Cloud4C offers single SLA that mitigates the complexities involved in executing long term contracts.

24/7 Priority Services

We have specialists deployed at our dedicated SOCs who manage your banking applications 24x7 to fix the errors in case of any incidents.

Cost-Effective & Customized

Cloud4C has a cross functional team of experts who customize your applications in line with the business goals. At Cloud4C, all the managed services are cost-effective.

Hybrid Cloud

Fintech corporations can choose to complete lift and shift of their workloads or even selected applications. We support even the migration and managing non-core applications.

Hyper-Scale Cloud Platform

To minimize the OPEX of the Fintech corporations, Cloud4C runs on hyper scalar platform where enterprises can opt to switch off the service through paper-use model. This will help in significant savings.

Run the Bank

Cloud4C takes the onus to run the bank, as we take the onus of end-to-end support of seamless running of the workloads.

Prior Knowledge in Financial Sector

Cloud4C brings to table various applications so that enterprises can have an option to choose from the different tools apart from their existing ones.

Cloud4C has been managing more than 45 banks globally that are running on AWS platforms. We have thorough understanding of all the central banking regulations. We welcome new Fintech corporations to join our existing network for seamless banking operations.