Hybrid Cloud

Uncompromised Hybrid Cloud Solutions on AWS

Cloud4C has a robust hybrid architecture to manage the on-premise workloads. Hybrid Cloud is ruling the roost as a majority of enterprises are having zero time to migrate the entire workloads. For all such enterprises, Cloud4C chalks outan ideal hybrid cloud strategy without any additional investments in the existing on-premise software or hardware.

Benefits of Collaborating With Cloud4C for Migrating SAP HEC to AWS

Enterprises can now have a 360 degree view of the server information through a single dashboard. Backup policies and SLA can be viewed from the dashboard

Common Service Layer

Cloud4C helps customers to deploying their selective workloads across on-premises environment. We build a robust common service layers of security, network, management, and automation.


Cloud4C caters to the enterprises across the globe. Needless to mention that governance and compliance takes the center stage at Cloud4C. All our servers and policies have legal holds. We ensure that we make the applications global compliant before we move them to AWS.


AWS understand the importance of security, and comes equipped with AWS Security Hub that gives real-time insights on the traffic. On top of it, Cloud4C has bolt-on security layers that can be coupled with the existing AWS hub to make your security uncompromisingly strong.

Single SLA

Enterprises can now execute single SLA for end-to-end cloud migration that will save the time and efforts. With virtual machines with multiple instances deployed in the same location, we ensure that we take the accountability for all your applications—be it down time or scalability or agility.

Cloud4C for Hybrid Cloud on AWS Platform

  • Dedicated SOCs to monitor the security 24x7
  • Certified AWS specialists to understand your business goals and provide an appropriate plan that best suits the budget
  • We help in flexible deployment of the applications after customizing them to meet the business goals
  • Cloud4C offers best in the market price for AWS managed services
  • We are migrating SAP workloads on to AWS in more than 20 countries
  • Cloud4C has 350+ managed SOC customers
  • Cloud4C’s security level is designed to meet the global standards and compliant across multiple regions