Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Solution on GCP

Cloud4C hybrid cloud solution on GCP unlock the new capabilities of cloud computing. Gear up to accelerate the capabilities with our seamless migration and managed services on robust platform that supports SAP.

Enterprises with legacy applications, which are not supported by Google platform, can now leverage the hybrid cloud service that Google rolled out recently in the United States wherein Google provides its Datacentres Space to build these applications to create a Hybrid cloud environment. Cloud4C helps enterprises to leverage DC space to build a Hybrid cloud platform seamlessly.

Enterprises can deploy cloud solutions at different locations in clusters through Cloud4C MSP. We offer cost-effective services that are scalable and agile.

Merits of SAP

Robust Platform

Make use of Cloud4Cs robust hyper scalar platform to take your business to the next-level with unmatched performance

Reduced TCO

The total ownership cost (TCO) would be reduced by 20% when enterprises lean on Cloud4C for hybrid cloud on GCP.

Architectural Flexibility

Experience zero restrictions on architecture. Enterprises enjoy total ownership of the architecture. Every legacy application will be tailor made to adapt to the environment.

Reduce Latency

Our new techniques will reduce the interval between stimulation and response from the servers. This will help websites and improves the user-experience and page load time.

Why Us?

  • We have certified GCP specialists who monitor your operations 24x7
  • Our hybrid managed service framework is robust
  • We make your applications compliant with the global standards
  • We design the services to match your business expectations
  • Our services are tailormade and cost-effective
  • We have over 35000 customers globally and manage operations across 20 countries