Independent Software Vendors

Helping ISVs Go Global

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) need to understand the significance of SaaS and embrace it timely to yield a higher return on investments. Google Cloud Platform is built to support ISVs to move their limited workloads onto the cloud platform to make most out of their business. Cloud4C encourages ISVs to opt for GCP due to benefits that come bundled with it. Here we unveil a few merits as to why ISVs must consider switching to Cloud4C’s migration services.

Why Cloud4C on Google Cloud

Global Outreach

Only a SaaS application helps ISVs to truly unlock the potential of their products, and help them connect to the new customers across the globe. GCP is a world-class cloud computing that is compliant across multiple regions. Cloud4C helps ISVs to move their legacy application by making them compliant in accordance with their business presence in various regions.

Predictable Revenue

We at Cloud4C enable ISVs to generate predictable revenue. Based on monthly or annual subscription models, significant savings can be achieved when compared to traditional licensing that demand enterprises to pay upfront.


SaaS applications are timely updated compared to the on-premise workloads. Cloud4C provides a reliable and updated platform for ISVs so that they can stay ahead in the business without the need to worry about manual upgrades from their end.


Cloud4C understands the load that’s generated by the customers of ISVs and helps them migrate to GCP that provides scope to scale up the services as per the business requirements.

Cloud4c Provides

Colocation of workloads

ISV will be responsible for acquiring the hardware and managing the servers and Cloud4C helps them to collocate at a secured place


Cloud4C manages all the servers while ISVs will be responsible for applications, VMs, and deployment of patched OS images


Cloud4C takes care of the end to end operations including managing the hardware, middleware, OS images, etc.

With two decades of profound experience in migrating and managing ISVs applications, Cloud4C is the ideal destination to expand the business and yield benefits. GCP on the other hand has integrated analytics tools through which ISVs can take data driven decisions in real-time.