With almost all major enterprises expanding their footprints across the globe, the need for resilient and fortified security is greater than ever before. Your enterprise needs a dedicated team of specialists who have deep cloud expertise and experience in handling managed security services. And there’s none better than Cloud4C.

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This has been the motto of Cloud4C for all enterprises. Right from day one. That’s why we are the leading Managed Security Services player for more than 12 years. Our proven experience in handling managed security services. With dedicated multiple SOCs globally and 40+ security controls, our cybersecurity services are best in class.
Security that you can trust
  • 26+ Security Tools and 40+ Security Controls
  • Global Presence in 25 Countries
  • 3500+ Enterprises Globally
  • Compliant with Global Regulatory standards and data sovereignty laws like PCI DSS, irap, GDPR, CSA, GxP
  • Managed 45+ Banks
  • 24*7 Monitoring with a dedicated SOC
  • 75% of Staff Dedicated in Managing Cyber Security Services
MSS Experts
Server Protected
EPS Capacity under MSS

Threat Intelligence.
End to end. Second by second

You take of your business goals while we at Cloud4C offer unmatched multi-cloud managed security services. We offer end-to-end solutions, which cover continuous monitoring of your applications, recording any incidents and mitigating them to ensure that there are no outages.

Defend. Hunt. Kill.
Our Cyber SOC always Switched on to keep offall threats.
Cloud4C's Cyber Managed Security Operation Center

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Thought blocking Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) and IPs offers 100% security over cyber-attacks for your enterprise? Think again. Recent APT attacks are evolving and using DGA algorithms and often change domains, source IP address using VPN and TOR nodes (DarkNet), spoofing, etc.

Advanced Persistent Threat groups are using various Tools, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) to be untraceable. So just depending on IOCs (IP, domain, hashes, URL’s) do not work anymore. As an enterprise, you need to fight APT with TTP (Tools, Techniques, and Procedures)

Cloud4C cyber intelligence service is all about uncovering the who, what, where, when, why and how behind a cyberattack.

Cyber Threat Hunting

Cyber threat hunting is the modern methodology to detect cyber kill chains and hunt the unknown variants of attacks. When we know, what is happening in our LAN, we can directly drive into incident response. However, when we suspect an event in our LAN for the traces of unknown variants (APT), threat hunting comes in.

Cloud4C Threat Hunting services provide in-depth analysis over the threat vectors and can narrow down the events before it becomes an incident.

Dwell time — the time where undetected threats stay in our network and learn each and every zone, share, database, network protocol, mapping, route, vulnerable endpoints, etc. Cloud4C through Threat hunting, helps enterprises find the lateral movement and the persistence behaviour of any cyber-attack.

So Cloud4C as Threat Hunter, keep in mind too
  • Be proactive
  • Assume we are already a victim
  • Understand the adversary behaviour
  • Finds the unknown
  • Understand the network

Exactly what to Hunt?

SOC and Incident Response

The traditional incident response provides mitigation and remediation over the incidents (breached events). On the other hand, threat hunting provides an understanding of any suspicious or weird events and mitigates them before any incident. Also, the incident responder and the response team is pertinent in any SOC. Cloud4C curbs any current incident and resolves any open vulnerabilities, which will break the attack chain and reduces the possibility of cyber threats.

Cloud4C IR team ensures that the CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability ) is not breached and no data has been unfiltered. Our Incident response teams also deploy the cyber kill chain model in their checklists and map down the attacks.

Our incident response plan can benefit an
enterprise by outlining
  • How to minimize the duration and damage from a security incident
  • Identifying participating stakeholders
  • Streamlining forensic analysis
  • Hastening recovery time
  • Reducing negative publicity and ultimately increasing the confidence
    of corporate executives, owners and shareholders

Cloud4C Cyber Security SOC Model

Cyber resilience is an evolving concept that is rapidly gaining recognition. It highlights the areas of information security, business continuity and (organizational) resilience together. This model brings together threat intel, hunting, response and SOC together to provide a robust security structure for an organization. It will be more helpful to prioritize the activity so that we can defend ourselves against modern day attacks easily.

Cloud4c Model comprises key elements like

  • Adaptive responses
  • intelligence
  • Privilege restriction based on existing policies
  • Analytic Monitoring
  • Diversity
  • Realignment of mission- critical and noncritical services/servers
  • Deception
  • Dynamic positioning
  • Correlation of events and rapid responses.

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