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2 Copy Cloud

2-Copy cloud comes with


Cloud4C ensures high availability for your system, and each copy of your server. High availability ensures a high level of operational performance, which ensures good uptime for an extended period of time for your public network and storage.



Your primary instance is backed up at regular intervals on another instance that is placed within 100 meters of the primary instance. You can switch to this second instance, in case the first one is down.



Choose from over a hundred pre-configured templates. Once selected and paid for, these setups can be configured within a record 15 minutes. Upgrade at any time, with the freedom to choose your minimum requirement as and when you please.



Our support team of certified engineers is ready to solve your concerns, and thwart any threats. Our 16 centers of excellence teams are trained and certified in their domain. This gets you domain expertise, with round-the-clock support via email, chat, and phone.

Optimized Systems, Customized For your Requirements

Cloud4C 2-copy cloud delivers robust and high performance cloud that is deployed in our Tier 4 datacenter of your choice. As it is a part of Cloud4C’s 2Copy cloud, a second copy of the instance will be set up locally. This second copy will be synchronously replicated and will act as a local failover set-up. So in case of system breakdown, you can manually switch to the second copy and continue your business.

Our powerful 2-copy cloud is self-provisioned through a very simple, no-training required tool, and we deploy the pre-configured templates instantly. If your requirements change, the instance is easily scalable and upgraded — once again at lightning speed.

You will have as many as 50 IOPS, a minimum network speed of 2GHz, folder-level backup option, virtual firewall, and SAS storage among other technological innovations. You choose from a range of flexible hardware offerings and customize the OS, datacenter location, network transfer speed, and your billing options. Real Cloud comes with a security and monitoring dashboard that will help you identify threats and downtime instantly. This, combined with a 24X7 ITIL certified Centers Of Excellence team, will ensure that any issues that arise are solved quickly and efficiently.

Key features