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3 Copy Cloud

3-Copy cloud includes

Automatic Sync

Our innovative technology uptake enables us to automate all your data replication so that it is done at precise intervals without any human intervention. This makes seamless failover very easy. And ensures smooth operations, at all times.


Two Zones of Backup & Disaster Recovery

In addition to two copies in synchronous replication, a third copy of your system is maintained in a different seismic zone, 700 km away from the original and second copy. Stored as cold backup copy, this can be used as cold disaster recovery.


Controlled network and firewall

You have complete control of your system through our built-in administrative tools. You can manage the network and firewall, and even specify custom rules that work for your operations. Flexibility and complete control, in your hands


Global Network

With presence in India, Southeast Asia, Middle East and in the USA, all our customers can choose any of the Tier 4 Datacenters that fits their needs best. Our Datacenters are strong and resilient, so you can always count on us for quality and security.

World-Class Infrastructure with Simple Pricing

Cloud4C’s 3-copy cloud solution is built to meet the needs of an organization that is growing rapidly. Our storage solutions include SAS and SSD based storage in a multi-tier format. This gives you the most optimized storage and the fastest possible data retrieval, offering increased productivity, performance, and cost savings.

Hosting your cloud in any of our Tier 4 datacenters offers another layer of most sought after advantages. Just by hosting your cloud in our datacenters, you meet a number of compliances like, security in terms of OTP, rights management, and log maintenance, UTM, SOC, DDOS, HIDS, SIEM and SSL among others.

We take total ownership of the cloud, which means we will manage the cloud end-to-end. You will be provided with an account manager, who is your one point of contact for all queries in regards to your system. Your built-in state-of-the-art administrative tool lets you take control of your cloud set up easily with great precision. You can create your own defined rules so the entire system works on your operations with no disruption. Take a look at various plans here.

Key features