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Cloud Backup and Storage Services

Benefits of Backup and Storage with Cloud4C


Your cloud will be hosted in a world-class local datacenter, so your data is assured of robust infrastructure and stringent security. Our datacenters are redundant in the following aspects- Mechanical, Architectural, Network and Power, and also offer industry’s best SLA.


Disaster Recovery

Cloud4C’s disaster recovery solutions allow you to prevent data loss, downtime, and facilitate business continuity. Our cloud solutions provide detailed DR and Backup Plans. These plans are proven to be the most robust in the industry, offering an RTPO as little as 5 minutes. A considerable advantage for your business.


Multiple types of storage

With Cloud4C, you don't have to choose the kind of storage you wish for, because we are technology neutral. We provide a range of storage methods and technologies, and support major database tools that you can choose from. Such options are helpful, as time is saved, in lieu of not having to make decisions.



All modified files are instantly synchronized on all available devices. Changes made when the user is offline, are updated next when the user logs in again. Finally, any changes in the sync folder, are automatically replicated in other folders. Instant synchronization saves time, energy, and effort.


Data storage can be quite expensive to set up, never mind the added cost of maintaining the setup. Ensuring uptime can be further demanding, because things like power and network providers are out of your control. If you worry about data loss or downtime, Cloud4C’s cloud storage and backup solution is the best for you. You don’t have to worry about setting up your storage, maintaining it, or even about uptime and data loss. We have various solutions that you can choose depending on the sensitivity of your data.

Your data will be hosted in one of our world-class local datacenters, which means highest uptime and stringent security. Along with the common security feature list of protection against file corruption, accidental deletion and hardware failure and sturdy protection, Cloud4C’s cloud storage also allows you the benefit of high range of hardware and software securities like:

  • Secure Access, Firewall, Private Subnets
  • SMS/ Soft Token Based MFA
  • HIDS and SIEM
  • Security Dashboard
  • Network Monitoring
  • Log Space, Log Co-relation
  • Anomaly reports
  • Change Request per month
  • Patch Management
  • Incident response for tickets

You can learn more about our datacenters here.

You will save a considerable amount of money, resource, and time by choosing Cloud4C. And benefit from our state-of-the-art datacenters. In addition, our Gartner Magic Quadrant hardware ensures a solid base for your entire infrastructure. Our expert teams will help you throughout the process, from choosing the right option for your business to setting up the cloud and migrating data. We will also assist you in connecting software on your premises to our datacenters where your data will be hosted, no matter what kind of storage you choose. Options for data storage are —


Block Storage:

For large data storage with high flexibility and performance

High IOPS Storage :

When you need high data performance and low latency, so the application is fast and data retrieval and modification is high

Mid IOPS Storage :

For relatively moderate data input/output performance


Low IOPS Storage :

Where performance is hardly a concern, works best for storing old data that is unlikely to be retrieved often.

Extreme IOPS Storage :

When it is critical that your data is retrieved as fast as possible, for example medical data or in stock exchange data

Cloud Storage :

When you would like your data to be available to users and facilitate sharing and collaboration


Object Storage :

When you would like your data to be available to users and facilitate sharing and collaboration

Archival Storage :

Mainly used for record-keeping, not really meant for retrieval of data

Snapshot Backup :

Treats data as pointers or snaps and backs it up. It is not a total data backup, recording only specified pointers.


In addition to the above features, you can benefit from our extensive content delivery network that includes over 175 POPs. This will help you deliver your content worldwide through a protected network. Some other important features of our cloud storage are:

  • Pay only for what you use with no long-term commitments
  • Complete administrator control
  • Monitor backups centrally on the web
  • Online backup for NAS and network storage devices
  • Completely secure, using military grade encryption
  • ITIL certified 16 Centers Of Excellence teams available 24X7 over email, chat, and phone