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Independent Software Vendor SaaS Enablement

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Traditionally, a few developed markets have catered for 70% share of cloud business. But now, almost all countries have passed laws to ensure the data is kept within their respective countries. Lack of local presence is fast turning into loss of business. The pressure to have local presence in these countries is now building rapidly. It is expected that in the next ten years, the Tier 2 countries will contribute to 70% of the cloud market share.

Independent software vendors (ISV), in particular, are hit hard by the shifting market as the regulation to store data within the country’s borders affects them directly. However, if businesses divert efforts towards these markets, they lose out on existing revenue stream.

Cloud4C has helped over 300 ISVs and SIs so far to transform their traditional business models into SaaS models. Tap into Cloud4C’s unique insight into infrastructure management and ISV acceleration and benefit from our global outreach.

Partner With Us to Tackle New Age Challenges
Transformation to SaaS Model

Moving from a traditional license-based model to a SaaS model requires a deep understanding of hosting, infrastructure set up, multi-tenant architectures and cloud management. An independent software vendor (ISV) often is not equipped with this expertise. Cloud4C has a fleet of experts in infrastructure management with experience in transforming ISVs traditional business model into SaaS model.

Data Security and Compliance

Cloud4C offers over 40 layers of security controls. We are SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliant and our security measures employ best practices like adaptive authentication, vulnerability assessment, DDOS, SIEM, HIDS, proactive intrusion detection, and penetration testing among others.

Market Stagnation

The developed markets are quickly reaching market stagnation so expanding to an emerging market is a smart move. We have presence in 17 countries with a plan for expansion in 40 countries by 2018; you can rely on us for a global outreach.

Changing Revenue Models

Businesses tend to prefer to rent software rather than make huge investment to buy perpetual license and set up in house infrastructure. We invest in infrastructure and can host software in any country with local compliance. The customer can pay on usage basis, which will help the ISVs open an entirely new market that hasn’t been tapped into so far.

Go to Market Time

Cloud4C’s ability to install and set up ISV within 8 weeks in any country means, businesses can trust us with their expansion plans.

Leverage Our Experience
Quick Onboarding:

Go to market within 8 weeks any country and 4 weeks in 17 countries, while you focus on your existing revenue stream

Largest Tier 4 Datacenter in Asia Pacific:

Ensuring highest SLA-backed uptime of 99.995% and quality infrastructure

Extensive Global Footprint:

We’re deployed in more than 17 countries, and plan to be in 40 countries by 2018

Proven Delivery Capabilities:

A decade of experience with 3000+ customers across verticals, 10,000+ servers and 5000+ network devices.

Extensive Experience with ISVs:

Accelerated over 300 ISVs so far and can assure the success of your SaaS model

Robust Established Process:

17 centers of excellence with certified experts in respective domains providing services in strict adherence to ITIL and COBIT certification and end to end SLA

Go live in 8 weeks in any country
17 countries today, 40 by 2018
300 ISVs accelerated
Commitment Sets us Apart

In-Country Presales and Solution Architects

As part of our commitment to provide end to end services, our presales team and solution architects are available locally to customize solutions to your requirements and can also help you with your security and compliance requirements. They will guide you to select the right services and solutions that fit your budget and technical requirements.


Compliance with Country-Wise Regulations

We offer local data privacy and protection compliance and country-wise regulation services to help our customers meet the required standards. If the customers are required to meet any additional industry-specific compliance, we will assist them with those as well.


Local Support

We have global service delivery model with local support teams that include certified engineers with extensive experience serving in different verticals. The processes are ITIL and COBIT certified and we have further optimized our processes to ensure our customers receive fast ticket resolving.


Local Billing

Customers can now choose to pay in local currency with local tax compliance so they don’t have to worry about conversion rates and costs.