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managed services

Database Managed Services


Our Effective Database Management Services


Database Installation, Configuration & Troubleshooting

Database Installation, Administration, Management and Upgrade.


Installing Security Patches

Security administration and maintenance for all databases, object creation and management.


Database Tuning

Optimized to use the systems and resources efficiently to get the best performance.


Backup & Restoration

Complete, incremental and differential backup and restoration when required.


Cluster & Replication Management

High availability with both automatic and manual failover for increased redundancy.


Database Monitoring

Basic and advanced monitoring to optimize the performance and check the overall health of DBx.

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Up to 90% fewer incidents and Optimum Performance

Get peak performance from your database; managed and tuned by our experts. Grow your database reliability by adding advanced features like clustering, replication, etc. With our expert COEs from MSSQL, MYSQL, Oracle, Sybase, Mongo DB, etc., we run your databases seamlessly while you focus on managing your apps.

Responsibility Matrix

Activities Cloud4C Team Client Team
Monitoring of various database performance parameter (Table Space, Disk Space, Backup, Cluster)
Monitor DB Health
Monitor Critical System Processes
Creating Databases as per client requirement
Configure Cluster (Active / Passive)
Creation of Tables, Index, Triggers, Views, Store Procedures and Functions, writing SQL queries etc.
Shutdown for DB (If needed)
Troubleshoot incidents