Data Center Migration on AWS

“Get Ready to Harness the Power of Your Data by Switching to Data Center migration on AWS platform from Cloud4C”

Cloud4C builds a strong foundation for the digital transformation of enterprises. Gear up to build an agile data infrastructure that is cloud compatible and container integrated. By switching to data center modernization, enterprises can yield a higher return on investments as the process would enhance operational efficiency.

Next Generation Cloud Platform

Cloud4C unlocks the new capabilities of the next generation AWS cloud platform that helps in scaling up or down your SAP workloads. Enterprises can switch to the private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid cloud

Reduce Complexities

Cloud4C reduces the complexities involved in moving on to cloud. Right from getting the licenses to deployment of your workloads, we take care of end-to-end cloud migration so that enterprises can focus on their productive works without investing their time and efforts in the lift and shift of workloads.

Workload Assessments

Cloud4C assess the workloads of the enterprise to understand the existing dependencies, networks, servers and other security tools based on which an effective migration plan would be suggested based on total cost of ownership.

Bid Adieu to Infrastructure

Enterprises can cut down on CAPEX as maintaining on-premise hardware can cost dearer. By opting DC modernization on AWS, enterprises can save considerable capital as Cloud4C takes the onus of infrastructure, which will be offered as a service.

Superior Performance

With decades of experience in deploying SAP workloads onto AWS platform, Cloud4C has a profound approach in data center modernization that’s cost-effective and simplified. Enterprises can aim at a superior performance by opting DC modernization on AWS from Cloud4C. We are focused on software-defined enablement for better operational efficiency.

Reduce Security Issues

Enterprises can now rely on Cloud4C by adopting DC modernization on AWS. Our certified cyber-security specialists deployed at SOCs monitor your applications 24x7 to mitigate any security issues. They would even record incidents and inform the customers in real-time. We provide multiple TCOs to the customers to have greater control over the costs.

We are pioneers in end-to-end cloud solutions with over two decades of profound experience in lift and shift of workloads on to AWS besides cloud managed services

Cloud4C is ISO certified company

Cloud4C is a certified AWS partners

Cloud4C offers single SLA

No vendor lock-in when you opt for DC Modernization from Cloud4C

We offer tailor-made cost-effective services

We have global presence in 20+ countries with 350+ managed SOC customers