The current financial system involves both some old and out-of-date methods and procedures and some that can happen at the click of a button. While some processes/tasks are usually time-consuming and glitchy, some are absolutely frictionless. An acceleration in customer appetite for digital experiences and rising competition from fintech and other digitally savvy companies are pressuring banks to modernize their core platforms and embrace new technologies for real-time transaction processing and quick product releases. In response, banks are adopting modern technologies such as the cloud, a critical enabler of digital transformations and a potential solution to reduce technical debt.

Banks: time to modernize
the core can no longer be put away

 image of financial system in banking cloud
  • Provide seamless customer experience
  • Support line-of-business technology investments
  • Leverage the value of all data-structured and unstructured
  • Build IT flexibility, maximising the time and costs associated with traditional IT maintenance activities.
  • Accelerate access to new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and in memory databases like SAP HANA

However, banks have not been as aggressive as they should be and more than 70% of the banks have not even embarked upon this cloud transformation journey. Why?

The trade-off

While digital transformation creates major opportunities for organizations, it also introduces a new dimension to the traditional view of risk. Banks do not want to compromise on compliance or security requirements in the quest to provide frictionless experiences to the customer. At the same time, they do not want to be their old rigid selves just to avoid transformation risk.


Can the rush to provide frictionless digital experiences cater to the difficult compliances & security requirements?

image of comparision in banking cloud


Does risk mitigation have to become a disabler in providing memorable customer experiences?

Do you need to make this trade-off?

If you ask us, should you make this trade off, we’d say NO.
Excellent customer experience and Risk Mitigation are equally important.

A risk-proof acceleration to the cloud is the need

The question is not whether or which apps to move to the cloud; it is more about
how to move them without risk.

For most banks, the challenges of moving to the cloud has


little to do with developing new cloud-native applications


and everything to do with ensuring the perceived risk mitigation robustness of their current environment, it the cloud

Banks that avoid or proactively address transformation pitfalls will be more likely to achieve a successful digital transformation without timeline and cost overruns. Furthermore, banks with the help of an able partner, that regularly review their approaches within the areas of people, process, and technology can identify areas for improvement for future large-scale transformations.

Experience vs Risk: It is not a ZERO sum game

infographic on banking modernization

The Solution: Cloud4C Bank-in-a-Box

Cloud4C has created Bank-in-a-Box in partnership with leading core banking and digital banking application providers to give you a single point of accountability with SLA at application login. The cloud framework is built to align with the demanding needs of risk-mitigated transformation security, compliance, availability, and flexibility, enabling banks to launch their products into the market faster, besides accelerating their digital transformation journey.

Whether it is hosting a greenfield or a brownfield core banking, LMS, treasury setup, or deploying new digital banking channels, Cloud4C’s Bank-in-a-Box makes your journey to the cloud seamless. As the banking industry progresses towards digital transformation and adoption of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence & IoT, Blockchain, Bank-in-a-box offers a single solution for all your IT needs.

Bank-in-a-Box - Integrated Managed Services Framework for Banks

Image of bank in box managed services in banking cloud

40+ Managed services and Managed Security
Services delivered through Bank-in-a-Box platform

image of 40+ managed services and managed security in banking cloud

Make your IT Operations Undisrupted and Transformation Risk-proofed.

Our Self Healing Operations Platform (SHOP) powers the Mission Critical Operations Center. It is a single source of truth for all IT and cloud-based operations (Self and third-party platforms), solutions-apps, and data augmented with pro-active and preventive security management; seamlessly applicable to any industry, any user IT environment of any complexity.

That is how we are able to promise and deliver managed services with a Single SLA backed by 99.98% uptime till application login layer.

Bank-in-a-Box comes with a Mission Critical Operations center supported by 25 Centers of Excellence handling each of the IT Operations and Banking Transformation needs meticulously.

image of it operations undisruptedin banking cloud

Why Cloud4C Bank-in-a-Box?

Each organization is unique, so will have its own digital transformation journey. It is crucial to understand the current capabilities and then map them to our desired goals in the best possible ways. Cloud4C not only shortens the go-to-market times but empowers banks to stay in complete control through dynamic shifts in regulatory, business, and customer requirements.

Here is why you should opt for Bank-in-a-Box

Regulatory approved security stack with 40+ Security controls tailored specifically for banks

Total ownership - Single SLA delivered at application login

Compliance to local data residency and sovereign norms in 52 global locations

End-to-End Cloud journey ownership including IT modernization and Migration

Flexible pricing model per branch, per transaction, per account, etc.

Global Footprint-In-country hosting and billing

USA | LATAM | Europe | Middle East | India

global presence to deliver private cloud for banks


  • Netherlands
  • Switzerland
  • UK
  • Potugal

North America

  • USA
  • Mexico
  • Canada

South America

  • Colombia

Middle East

  • UAE
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Turkey

South Asia

  • India
  • Sri Lanka

Asia Pacific

  • Japan
  • China
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Phillippines
  • South Korea
  • Vietnam
  • Hong Kong


  • Australia
  • New Zealand
representation of global coverage in banking cloud

1 North America

  • USA
  • Mexico
  • Canada

2 South America

  • Colombia

3 Europe

  • Netherlands
  • Switzerland
  • UK
  • Potugal


  • Australia
  • New Zealand

5South Asia

  • India
  • Sri Lanka

6 Asia Pacific

  • Japan
  • China
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Phillippines
  • South Korea
  • Vietnam
  • Hong Kong

7 Middle East

  • UAE
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Turkey
26 Countries - 52 Locations | Local In-country services | Certified and skilled global SMEs
Cloud4C is a specialist for mission critical environments on the cloud

Cloud4C is a specialist for mission critical environments on the cloud

100 +

Migrating and implementing cloud platform for 100+ banks.


18 Global Complainces mapped to cloud based security solutions


Powering cloud for 30 Core Banking and Digital Banking workloads with ISVs

~ 100

100 Processes and governance metrics aligned to banks

Stringent high availibility SLA for production 99.99 and DR

Conducting cyberdrills, DR drills and participating in central bank audits

Automation enabled managed services

Customer Success Stories

Premier Global Banks
image of premier global banks in baking cloud

Premier Global Banks

A Global Top 10 bank in Europe becomes GDPR Compliant instantly while saving more than 40% on TCO.

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Adoption Of The KSA's Federal Authority

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Deploy and Manage Mission Critical Apps with Cloud4C BIB reference architecture

Image of deploy and manage mission critical apps in banking cloud

Leading Application Provider Partnerships


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Block Chain

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Global Compliances Bank-in-a-Box adheres to

Industry Specific

icon for GDPRicon for PCI DSSicon for CSAicon for GXPIcon for HIPAA

Country Specific

icon for IRAPicon for saudi arabian monetary authoritylogo of national electronic security authority
 icon for bank negara malaysialogo of dubai electronic security centerlogo of central bank of omanlogo of government of dubai

Worldwide standards

logo fo ISO 27001 quality compliance certification for cloud banking serviceslogo fo ISO 27017 quality compliance certification for cloud banking serviceslogo fo ISO 27018 quality compliance certification for cloud banking serviceslogo fo ISO 22301 quality compliance certification for cloud banking serviceslogo fo ISO 20000 quality compliance certification for cloud banking services logo fo AICPA SOC quality compliance certification for cloud banking serviceslogo fo AICPA SOC2 quality compliance certification for cloud banking services

A Comprehensive and Flexible approach to Cloud Transformation

Cloud4C has extensive experience in designing and delivering customized comprehensive banking solutions across diverse geographies and markets. Our proven cloud adoption framework for banks has been developed based on ground realities that will give you an accurate understanding of where you stand and how best your organization can achieve the digital transformation goals.

image of flexible approach to cloud transformation in banking cloud

Our Completely Customized Workshop
Addresses Your Unique Needs

Workshop Scope
Workshop Objectives

Service dependency-based Assessment based on our Cloud Adoption framework (CAF) for banks

Experience Cloud4C Private Cloud for banks

Understanding your current capabilities and map them to your desired goals.

Recommendations on Modernization initiatives with impact quantified:

App modernization
Infra modernization
Data Modernization
DevOps- CI/CD pipelinea

Discover the best use cases for your bank

Infrastructure as-is analysis report, security, compliance. business continuity and business process gap analysis and mitigation plan.

Assessment of as-is security postures and actionable recommendations:

Artificial Intelligence based Security Operations (AlSecOps) DevSecOps

Understand database migration plans

How three-pronged migration approach works, while ensuring data integrity.

Managed Services Advice

AlOps and Automation

Plan next steps

Create a roadmap with milestones, SLAs, and deliverables defined at each step

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Expert Insight

Zero Trust for Financial Services Organizations

Unlike many industries where Zero Trust is still in its infancy, financial services has been on the front-line of data breaches, identity thefts and credit card fraud, so it has also been on the front-line of adopting Zero Trust.

Cybersecurity During Covid Times

This paper is relevant for any organization and more so for banking as the stakes are high when a cyber-attack happens especially due to lapses in judgment by employees working out of home and more.

Up in the Cloud

Is your bank ready to participate in an ecosystem that is open, innovative and collaborative? Are you fit to face a challenger bank that onboards customers seamlessly, prototypes new services quickly, manages regulatory compliance transparently, and uses AI systems to limit losses and downtime?

Bank-in-a-Box - FAQs

  • What is Bank-in-a-Box?


    Cloud4C Bank-in-a-Box delivers a packaged cloud solution along with advanced applications, cloud-enabled services to enable end-to-end cloud transformation for banks. Cloud4C’s world-class framework allows it to migrate complicated, large scale banking IT ecosystems to move to any public, private, hybrid, or multi-cloud of choice at zero disruption and zero losses. Banks can also opt to modernize their core infrastructure, platforms, apps, databases, workloads on the cloud for best scalability, agility, and performance. Rounding up, Cloud4C manages the entire cloud architecture end-to-end from the root infra till the application login layer at utmost security and compliance, in a single SLA maintaining highest uptimes throughout.Cloud4C Bank-in-a-Box addresses all banking applications without fail. Whether it is hosting a greenfield or a brownfield core banking, LMS, treasury setup, or deploying new digital banking channels, Cloud4C’s Bank-in-a-Box makes your journey to the cloud seamless.

  • What Do You Mean by Single SLA till Application Layer?


    Cloud4C Bank-in-a-Box offering isn’t a coagulation of different applications and SLAs from multiple vendors. Cloud4C delivers the solution bucket, customized according to the banking firm’s needs and deploys, manages the entire ecosystem from infrastructure till application login layer in a single SLA, offering upto 99.95% uptime throughout. It’s a transformative offering for banks willing to transform their operations for the future

  • Which banks are using cloud computing?


    Banking giants with a strong local and global presence, game changer banks, neo and challenger banks, microfinance institutions and credit unions, there is no limit to the number of banks that are using cloud computing. Bank leaders keen on reducing time to market and meeting customer experience expectations are reaching out to cloud service providers for cloud environments such public cloud, private cloud and multi cloud.

  • Is Bank-in-a-Box Cheaper than traditional Cloud Solutions?


    Cloud technology has proven itself to be a cheaper, faster, and elastic alternative to on-premise data storage. However, Cloud4C ups the ante with not only a single, end-to-end SLA that saves the hassle and time, financial complexities associated with multiple vendors but also offers advanced cloud cost optimization principles to further reduce operational expenses on the cloud

  • Can I migrate Bank-in-a-Box to Hybrid and Multi-cloud?


    Banking organizations can leverage any cloud or cloud model of choice while opting for Bank-in-a-Box. Be it hyperscaler cloud, on-prem or partner private cloud, hybrid cloud, or multiple cloud, Cloud4C designs the architecture customized to the bank’s needs and operations and deploys accordingly without fail. Cloud4C is responsible for maintaining the entire architecture and highest uptimes from infra till app login layer.

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