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Cloud4C intends to bring the concept of scalable private clouds to the CIO, which would help him address requirements as brought out by the following statements

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Cloud4C Differentiators

We offer you the ability to scale and also to be agile, with higher levels of security and with a single-SLA up to application level.

Geographical Reach

We now have presence across 25+ Countries and 45 locations to help accelerate your global aspirations

Custom hardware

We provide customized IAAS to cater to the enterprise needs for RISC, CISC. Be it IBM P-Series with AIX, HP-Itanium with HP-UX, Oracle with Solaris, Petabyte Storage, GEMALTO and VMware environments


We have 26 security tools providing you with 40+ security controls ensuring your data is safe and secure anytime and anywhere


We offer industry and regulatory compliance with in- country data regulations and norms across various geographies such as GXP, HIPAA, FedRAMP, MAS, NESA, IRAP, RBI, GDPR


We support and maintain 50k+ Instances and 250+ Private cloud setups in more than 25 Countries


We provide reduce deployment cycle within 2-4 weeks and scaling as per the business demands

A plan to keep your cloud. Safe and sound.

Cloud4C’s private cloud solutions are designed to support range of cloud maturity levels and span the entire deployment lifecycle, from strategic planning and assessment to implementation and management. Whether you are looking to start the transition to private cloud, expand existing capabilities or cloud-enable your data center, Cloud4C services and experience can help you harness the benefits of private cloud quickly and effectively.

Cloud4C’s certified cloud experts strategize an entire private cloud plan. We analyze the complexities and various challenges in setting up a private cloud.

We manage cyber security services on the cloud with our holistic security solutions and expertise. Whether it is protecting every nook and cranny of your IT infrastructure, cloud and mobile data, the advanced Security Operation Centre (SOC) remains vigilant for all threats. Inside-out and from scratch to finish. 24X7.

Our Expertise, Your Edge

We provide total ownership by taking end-to-end responsibility of managed services across all the leading private cloud platforms and technologies so you can focus on your core business.


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