Migrating SAP
HEC on to GCP Seamlessly

Cloud4C is a global system integrator in migrating SAP HEC on GCP. Google has potential to support the workloads that were earlier migrated to SAP HEC. To explore the new capabilities of GCP for these companies has always been a major challenge given the complexities around migration.

Advantages of Migrating
to SAP on GCP from Cloud4C


Cloud4C analyzes platform availability matrix of your enterprise and plan the installation accordingly. We estimate TCO and roll out GCP architecture blue-print.

No Technology Lock In

SAP workloads can be migrated seamlessly without any technology lock-in from Cloud4C. We are vendor agnostic where prime focus would be on customers. We allow customers to explore new software, and provide complete support.


Enterprises can achieve higher agility when they shift SAP HEC workloads onto GCP. We rapidly test and deploy any customized applications to meet the business goals.


You can scale up or down your services that will eliminate the unwanted expenses incurred in the maintenance and deployment of the hardware.


We provide stellar back up facilities so that enterprises can retrieve the data in case of any expected or unexpected outages.


GCP comes bundled with layers of top notch security for SAP HEC, and Cloud4C leverages and integrates them with our bolt on security features so that there are no data breaches. We have multiple dedicated SOCs where our cyber-security specialists monitor your applications 24x7.

Cloud4C’s Approach

  • We have demonstrated experience in handling a diverse platforms and a plethora of databases
  • Customers can now get a single SLA up to the application login layer
  • We leverage latest technologies and keep the platform updated so that enterprises can carry out frictionless operations
  • We have strong understanding of end-to-end cloud capabilities that helps us deliver smooth transition of SAP HEC workloads on GCP platform


Cloud4C is a certified SAP partner to migrate and manage SAP workloads and SAP HEC to GCP. We are also an ISO certified Tier III data center with over 35000 customers across the globe, and manage our workloads in more than 20 countries.