AWS has the robust support for SAP HEC on its platform

Migration and managing SAP HEC is the next step that enterprises must consider to move on to AWS as it comes bundled with endless opportunities to expand the operations seamlessly.

Benefits of Collaborating With Cloud4C for Migrating SAP HEC to AWS

Simplified IT Space

Cloud4C brings together layers of systems and integrates to AWS so that enterprises can eliminate the need to switch between multiple platforms and vendors. We offer a robust framework that will eliminate the existing complexities in managing SAP HEC

Eliminating Risk

AWS is supported by 2300 SAP HANA databases across the globe. AWS is undoubtedly designed to support SAP HEC, and with Cloud4C’s end-to-end support in comprehensive lift and shift of the data, enterprises can eliminate the risk, and focus better on the business.

Robust Digital Core

Cloud4C’s tailor-made deployment models will keep enterprises way ahead of others in the business. The implementation time is brought down significantly by our expert team, and in a few days, enterprises can start accessing their SAP HEC workloads on AWS seamlessly.

Single SLA

Cloud4C understands the value of the time. We brought a single SLA policy wherein companies can executive a short-term SLA and you can make experience our hassle free managed services.

Cloud4C Values

Global Presence

Cloud4C has been managing SAP HEC workloads on AWS across 20 countries without challenges. With over 40 PODs, Cloud4C is set to expand its wings to 40 countries.


Cloud4C has been offering uncompromised security on AWS. We have got a dedicated security center where our cyber security professionals work 24x7 to detect and mitigate any incidents.

No Technology Lock-In

Enterprises are free to scale down any application as we don’t have any technology lock-in as such. Cloud4C is a cloud centric cloud solutions enterprise where emphasis would be on the customer and not on the vendor. We provide unparalleled support to our customers to leverage the trending technologies.


Enterprises have the complete freedom to choose any platform that they wish which includes a range of operating systems such as WINTEL/Linux/ Oracle Solaris / HP-UX to name a few.

Login Layer

Our customers are given access until login layer so that they can manage the application. We take the onus of the back-end work of your platform and other workloads and manage them seamlessly round the clock.

Cloud4C’s Credentials

With a strong client base of 3500, Cloud4C is an SAP certified AWS cloud service provider. We are certified by SAP to handle

Cloud services of SAP workloads

Hosting of SAP

HANA & SAP Applications Management

Cloud4C is an ISO 9001 certified cloud service provider. Our other ISO certifications include

ISO 27001

ISO 27017

ISO 27018

ISO 22301