Leveraging AWS Platform for SAP Workloads

Cloud4C offers unmatched end-to-end migration and managed services support in moving the existing SAP applications on to the AWS cloud platform. As an SAP certified cloud partner for AWS, Cloud4C has designed a cost-effective framework with outstanding security.

Migration to AWS

Cloud4C is committed to rapid deployment so that enterprises can experience zero to minimal downtime. We strive every minute to make the entire life and shift process frictionless. Take advantage of the robust AWS platform to manage SAP workloads the on web from anywhere anytime.

Enterprises Cloud4C Approach for SAP on AWS

Easy Set Up

AWS is a robust cloud platform that’s aimed at redesigning the way enterprises work. AWS is easy to set up compared to other cloud platforms, especially for SAP workloads. The command line interfaces and APIs would also be made available for better control.


Enterprises do have flexibility to choose from a range of plans that would be exclusively chalked out by Cloud4C cloud specialists. There are no long-term contracts on AWS. Based on AWS calculator, Cloud4C calculates the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).


AWS supports all the SAP workloads efficiently. Enterprises are free to choose the operating systems, programming language, and any other software. Cloud4C will customize any additional applications so that they can be moved to cloud.

Same Level Security

SAP workloads on the cloud will have the same level of security. On the other hand, Cloud4C’s security operating center will continuously monitor SAP on AWS to identify and mitigate any cyber-security incidents.


Compliances always loom large when it comes to cloud computing. Enterprises needn’t invest their extra time in focusing on these things, as we at Cloud4C takes cares of the compliance issues. We have a profound framework that’s compliant with almost all regions

Backup & Disaster Recovery

AWS offers stellar disaster recovery tool through which enterprises can retrieve the lost data, in case of any outages, in blazing speed. Cloud4C will shoulder this responsibility from you when you choose our cloud managed services.

Single SLA

Cloud4C believes in preserving the time and reducing the complexities even in formalities. We introduced a single Service Level Agreement that isn’t long-term. Enterprises are free to scale up or scale down the cloud services at any point of time, which would even prevent enterprises from shelling out extra currency.

Cloud4C Process

Cloud4C predominantly believes that planning is crucial before implementing. The moment an enterprise approaches us for deployment or managed services, our specialists would look into the assessment of the workloads and prepare an ideal architecture design.
After estimating the workloads, our experts would roll out different tailor-made plans for the enterprises. Once we get the nod from the enterprise, we start the deployment process and test the tools thoroughly whether the workloads can withstand the load. This ensures frictionless operations and eliminates the outages while using SAP on AWS cloud.
Post lift and shift of the workloads by Cloud4c, enterprises can start using the tools like plug and play. We would do all the required back-end work, which includes back up optimization.