Cloud4C Offers Unmatched
Migration of SAP Workloads on GCP

Cloud4C is a global pioneer in migrating SAP workloads on GCP and managing them seamlessly. We are an SAP certified-cloud partner in cloud partner hosting. We are certified GCP professionals who move your applications meticulously. GCP has profound support for all the SAP applications on a plethora of instances listed.

Merits of SAP


Google Cloud Platform supports intelligent analytics at every step so that enterprises can best leverage the tools to make data driven decisions while they continue to enjoy their applications seamlessly.

Scalability on Demand

Organizations can now scale up their services as per the business requirements in real-time. The user-friendly interface helps them manage things without any special training. At Cloud4C, we take the responsibility of the applications migrated on to GCP.


The Workforce in the enterprise can work seamlessly on SAP applications when they are moved to GCP as it provides 360-degree transparency. Every manpower, who has got access to this platform, would be on the same page.


Cloud4C offers unmatched security at every level during and after the migration of SAP workloads on to GCP. Cloud4C will back-up the data and also chalk out an efficient disaster recovery plan. We have dedicated SOCs and our engineers monitor the applications 24x7 to mitigate any threats. Also, we record the incidents timely and report the same to the enterprises.

Cloud4C migrates and
manages the following SAP workloads

Why Should
Enterprises Lean on Cloud4C for SAP

  • Be it cohesive integrated SAP workloads or the non-SAP environments, Cloud4c migrates and manages SAP applications on GCP with a single SLA
  • We have dedicated SOCs
  • Cloud4C is a certified partners of GCP
  • We have 350+ managed SOC customers
  • Cloud4C monitors clients’ workloads across 23 countries
  • We have got over 10000 monitored assets