Cloud4C is a reliable secured services
platform that will counter attacks in real time

Our customer-centric approach and robust security services have kept us under the spotlight over the past few years. We are gold partners of Microsoft Azure that enable to offer unmatched security services. Our cyber-security specialist work 24/7 to mitigate any cyber threats in real-time. We are committed to digital resiliency. Cloud4C has garnered the attention globally by successfully implementing cloud security solution on Azure for Asia’s Tier 4 Data Center. We are ISO 223O1, 27001, 27017 & 18 certified in offering end-to-end security for Azure.

Regulatory Approved Security Stack

Cloud4C understands the banking guidelines, and also work closely with the customers/banks in understanding what’s more critical to them.

Comprehensive Security

We have got over 40 controls and 26 security tools that assure complete security to your workloads on Azure cloud.

Highly Secured Private Cloud

We build a robust tailor-made security platform on Azure for the banks and other enterprises to ensure there’s no data breach

Cloud4C security
services on Azure platform

Subscription & Resource Groups

The subscription owner will have the facility to grant security assess to the resource groups, who can seamlessly work on the application


Cloud4C assists in the setting up of RBAC models for enterprises and supports authentication of end-users based on Azure Active Directory (AAD) model.

ARM Templates, Policies and Locks

Cloud4C helps in the documentation of ARM templates and deploy the same. We offer comprehensive Azure security capabilities

Logging, Alerting & Auditing

All kinds of alerts and audits would be controlled and effectively managed by our cyber-security specialists 24x7

Data Encryption

We understand as to how sensitive and critical is the data. We have been assisting companies in encrypting the data timely to ensure no data breach either internally or externally.

Backups and Disaster Recover

Cloud4C helps customized and cost-effective backup and disaster recovery plan.