Cloud Security

Providing Holistic Approach to Cloud Security

Cloud4C is an industry leader in managed cloud security services. With multiple SOCs across different regions and highly specialized security specialists, we ensure that there’s no data breach. We provide a holistic approach to protect your business

Cloud4C Services on Google Cloud

Security Strategy

We assess your legacy systems, and type of the business based on which we roll out an efficient data security plan. We assess the security and major pain points to business goals.

Identity Management

We execute processes on a robust platform and streamline the applications with multiple layers of security. It’s not tough but impossible to cleave through our security firewall.

Remediation Support

Cloud4C acts timely in case of any cyber incidents and bring things under control.

Liability Detection

We timely update the logs and detect every activity with laser point precision so that the exact source of the threat is identified and mitigated.

Easy Integration

We provide easy to deploy services that can be integrated with GCP environment with ease.

Multi Layered Security

We provide multiple layers of security to your applications. Users need to securely log in to access the workloads. Unauthorized access would be timely detected and reported to the enterprise.

We have over 35000 customers across the globe and are GCP certified partner. We helped a few giant enterprises in strengthening their businesses with seamless security support.