Banking Community Cloud

Deliver next generation digital products and services while adhering with allRegulatory controls and Compliances, which are Cost effective and Affordable with our unique Bank-in-a-Box Solution

Choice of Cloud for Banks globally

Empowering 25+ banks Globally in their Enterprise Digital Transformation Journeyby offering features such as Zero Data Loss and Compliance with Local Data laws

45+ Core banking applications to manage, like ATMs, OLine Transactions and other banking processes

Business Intelligence, CRM and HR management systems to ensure successful business operations

40+ controls and 30+ security tools to protect IT applications from data loss and security breaches

Empowering Next Generation Banks

Banking Community Cloud (Bank-in-a-Box) solution helps reduce complexities by providingall the required applications and managing their infrastructure and applications with a single SLA

Provide all the required applications and tools on our Banking Community Cloud

Manage infrastructure and applications with a single Service Level Agreement

Reduce time-to-market for business solutions in today’s competitive scenario

Maintaining industry specific regulations like up-time, local governance and data privacy laws

Flexible to configure and deploy infrastructure quickly

Robust security model built on the lines of software defined networking for micro-segmentation and zero trust architecture

Empowering Digital Transformation

Our Industry compliant Bank-in-a-Box service is architected with an automatedbuilt-in Disaster Recovery

Robust Security with 40+ security controls

Swift Configurability and Compliance

International and Domestic standards (ISO 27001, PCI DSS)

Each Bank is independent of other and it would not interfere with the Performance and Data

High level of traffic isolation fright from Routing Layer to Storage Layer

VRF Architecture provides Agility for future Traffic insertions and avoids Routing issues


3000+ Trusted Customers Globally