Insurance Community Cloud

Address Regulatory and Compliance obligations while addressing . Changing customer needs with our unique Insurance-in-a-Box Solution

Reliable Cloud Partner for Insurers

With digitalization becoming the need of the hour, and rise in the customer expectation is forcing the insurance companies to embrace Digital Transformation

Several applications like Customer Data, Financial Data and Claims history to serve their business needs

Business Intelligence, CRM and HR management systems to ensure successful business operations

Security controls to protect IT applications from data loss and security breaches so businesses can focus on other aspects

Key drivers of Cloud in Insurance

Insurance companies are increasingly looking at technology that can help them addressregulatory and compliance obligations more efficiently

Reduce total costs of IT ownership and operation

Unify customer data, enabling customer-centricity

Better manage intermediary relationships

Handle peaks in demand more easily and at lower cost

Empowering Insurance Players

Insurance in Box Cloud solution enables providers by offering services around Industry-specific Regulations, Uptime, Local Governance and Data Privacy laws

Robust Security model built with software defined networking for micro-segmentation

Adherence to industry-specific regulations,Local governance and data privacy laws

International and Domestic standards
(ISO 27001, PCI DSS)

Manage infrastructure and applications with a single Service Level Agreement

Provide all the required applications and tools on our Insurance community cloud

Reduce time-to-market for business solutions in today's competitive scenario


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