Public Cloud

Enabling Enterprises setup their Public Cloud within few hours
and can save time and resources by paying only for the services they need

Real Features. Real Performance

Customized Cloud Solutions for your unique business and infrastructure needs, which are Reliable, Scalable, and Affordable

Wide choice of application stacks

24X7 Telephone Support

Perimeter Level Firewall

Integrated CDN

Security Monitoring Dashboard

Auto scaling Auto Load Balancing

Flexible Billing Options

Migration Assistance

Multi-tier Storage

Instant Provisioning

Benefits of Public Cloud

Organizations can save time and resources by only paying for the services they use and can scale services
to fit their needs, customize applications and access cloud services from anywhere


Low entry level price

Reliable security

An Organization who alsohosts Services

Less complex environment

Zero hardware cost

We Offer you the Best

Enterprises can be assured that the infrastructure is optimally used and the inevitable peaks and drops in the workloads are well taken care, also keeping security in mind

Instance with built-in-High Availability

Instance with Storage High Availability with 2 Copies of your data

Instance with Cold Backup

Instance with Built-in Disaster Recovery

Happy Customers and Global Partners

3000+ Happy Global Customers and Partners

  • NVV Krishnam Raju

    Seventeen Networks

    Migration to Cloud was made so easy by Cloud4C. The Server was installed and set up without any problems, most importantly, zero downtime