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Enterprises can now leverage the robust public cloud platform to expand their global footprint without frictions, and for greater agility.

Of late the term ‘public Cloud,’ is gaining significant momentum across the globe, but what exactly is this public cloud, and why it’s been debated? Today, we provide a holistic view of public cloud and benefits that are bundled with it.When an enterprise embrace a robust cloud platform where the instances are shared with other enterprises, it’s said to have adopted public cloud. The infrastructure is essentially set up at the enterprise customer’s location that’s fully owned by the company and managed by the cloud vendor.

While a large number of enterprises have already adopted public cloud, several studies are being conducted to understand what businesses think. According to a recent survey by Right Scale, number of people who moved to public cloud has significantly soared by January 2019. At least 91% of enterprises are leveraging cloud. And 31% of businesses are planning for public cloud migration. The results also revealed that 13% of companies shell out $12Mn on public cloud annually for unlocking the capabilities of it.

Go Global: Public cloud is the first step to go global. It provides 360 degree view of the operations enabling workforce within the organization and also the vendors of the company to collaborate in real-time. Public Cloud equips enterprises to expand the global footprint. However, the ability to meet the local regulatory compliances purely depends on what kind of service provider and infrastructure that an enterprise is opting.

Scalability: When an enterprise opt for public cloud, all the legacy mission-critical applications would be migrated to the high availability cloud based on the requirement of the enterprise. Instead of spending on hardware for future use, enterprises can eliminate the same and then scale up the services as and when required without any complexities.

Pay-as-you-Go: Public cloud platform offers pay as you go model wherein enterprises would only pay for the infrastructure and the services utilized. This will significantly cut the expenditures. In addition, the expenses are shared between the companies leveraging the cloud.

No Maintenance: The cloud service provider would take the responsibility of the infrastructure at his location. Technically, there’s no capital expenditure in involved in this. When there’s no maintenance, enterprises can focus better on their business goals.

Uptime: When an enterprise maintains its legacy applications on its premise, it would purely depend on the workforce for uptime, which is undoubtedly challenging. By pushing this duty on to the shoulder of a cloud service provider, enterprises can be assured of 99% uptime. Ideally, any good public cloud service provider ensures 99% uptime of the servers.

Cloud4C is a key market player in rendering end-to-end cloud solutions with special reference to public cloud. We offer a single SLA with 99.9% uptime up to the application login layer. We have a globally compliant infrastructure that would help enterprises go global without any frictions.


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