Cloud computing is receiving increased exposure throughout the IT industry as a new method of fulfilling information technology needs. Cloud computing solutions have the ability to lower costs, accelerate technology provisioning, increase granular capacity management, and provide greater Fiexibility than traditional data center and outsourcing models.

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Cloud Computing Options

Cloud4C offers cloud computing briefings designed to educate clients and to separate fact from fiction. Our free Cloud Briefing can help you decide what steps should be next on your physical to virtual to cloud (PVC) journey.

  • Helps you better understand cloud computing as an architecture

  • Explains various cloud computing technical solutions

  • Helps you develop an understanding of the different cloud computing models being offered in today’s marketplace

  • Explains various cloud computing technical solutions

  • Defines implementation paths

  • Provides a review of your existing technology environment and identifies components that might benefit from cloud computing

  • Helps you determine if it makes sense to further consider cloud computing, and whether or not to invest in a detailed evaluation

Balanced review of all cloud computing options Balanced review of all cloud computing options

Virtualization Security Assessment Services - Cloud4C

Cloud4C Cloud & Virtualization Security Assessment Services are designed to ensure your readiness for migrations to cloud deployment infrastructures, as well as the security governance of potential cloud providers. Virtualization and cloud technologies present new vulnerabilities that can represent significant risks to your assets and data. Our assessments examine your virtualized server environments to identify any vulnerabilities in architecture or configurations, and offer remediation approaches and solutions to close these gaps.

Uses a proven methodology based on the Cloud Security Alliance’s (CSA) Critical Areas of Focus, and Cloud4C’ extensive knowledge of international standards such as ISO 27001/27002, COBIT and NIST

Assesses governance, data classification and protection measures, risks, threats, controls, and regulatory and compliance requirements (SOC1/2, PCI DSS, GxP, IRAP and GLBA among others)

Evaluates current applications and business processes and determines requirements for applicable delivery models such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) in either public or private cloud environments

Scalable to your specific requirements and budget

Provides you with the information you need to realize the benefits of cloud computing, including requirements for your business and data as well as potential providers, with the assurance and protection that your business demands

All the ideas and plans for Cloud security assessment

Not sure where to go next with cloud computing? Cloud4C doesn’t approach cloud computing as a single product or service, but rather as an architecture for delivering IT services to your business. Our Cloud Strategy & Roadmap Services can help you define, plan, and implement logical steps on your cloud computing journey, by taking a comprehensive approach to examining both the current and future states of your business needs and IT infrastructure. The breadth and depth of our service offering can vary depending on the specific needs and goals of your business.

Balance of all ideas for your Cloud strategy roadmap Balance of all ideas for your Cloud strategy roadmap
  • Identifies business, operations, technical and expense drivers for considering a cloud solution

  • Analyzes your IT service catalog, service levels, software interdependencies and service chains, and the underlying infrastructure upon which the services reside

  • Identifies appropriate cloud service delivery models (IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS) for specific IT services

  • Analyzes cloud deployment models (public, private, hybrid, managed hosted)

  • Identifies and analyzes potential vendor cloud solutions

  • Assesses operating and integration risks Identifies security, regulatory, compliance and policy implications

  • Analyzes the benefits, risks and costs of cloud computing alternatives

  • Calculates macro ROI and IT financials

  • Documents a cloud strategy, roadmap and plan

Virtualization in Cloud Computing - Benefits

Icon for Improved disaster recovery in Cloud Virtualization

Improved disaster recovery

Icon for hardware expenses in Cloud Virtualization

Reduced expenses of hardware

Icon for deployment in Cloud Virtualization

Provisioning and deployment at a faster pace

Icon on 40+ security controls of Cloud4C Virtualization security assessment

40+ security controls

Icon for Dedicated Security Operations Center SOC

Dedicated SOCs

Icon for 24*7 Monitoring by Cloud4C

24*7 monitoring40

Icon on 25+ countries presence of Cloud4C

Global presence in 35 countries

Icon on 12 years of experience

12 years of rich experience

Icon on 45 global bank clients

Managed 45 banks

Public Cloud Due Diligence Services

Once you’ve reached the conclusion that your best option for cloud computing is outsourcing to a cloud services provider, how will you know which one will  provide the right combination of services, cost and security for your organization? Cloud4C cloud computing consultants will perform an assessment of your organization’s needs, and evaluate the capabilities of a specifed public or third-party private cloud provider to make sure they meet your cloud computing requirements.

Deliverables include a provider scorecard with explanations of the ranking, as well as an executive summary. With Cloud4C’ knowledge of public cloud providers, alternate providers are discussed that might better align with your needs.


  • Confrms the scope of the technology (software, infrastructure, development platforms) being evaluated for migration to the cloud provider

  • Reviews drivers (business, operations, and technology) that determined why the technology is being considered  for migration to cloud service

  • Species the cloud provider (public or third-party private) that is being considered

  • Reviews and documents detailed requirements for the technology under review for migration

  • Assesses the provider’s ability to satisfy “show-stopper” requirements

  • Once “show-stopper” requirements are satised, assesses the provider’s ability to meet remaining requirements

  • Creates provider scorecard and deliverable documents

Private Cloud Design & Implementation Services

Every business has unique requirements, and will  need slightly different characteristics in its cloud. If  a private or a hybrid cloud better suits your organization’s needs, Cloud4C will guide you through the  next steps of designing and implementing it.

Cloud4C’ cloud experts will guide you through the  process. Cloud4C can also implement the solution,  apply best practice security services, and prepare  you for ongoing management with documented procedures.

Cloud4C maintains partnerships with industry-leading technology providers, which allows us to architect the best cloud computing solutions for our clients. Our partnerships provide us with hardware,  software and service solutions that it the needs of  any business, large or small.


  • Develops formal denitions of the project’s purpose

  • Reviews and documents requirements such as service levels, regulatory compliance, facilities and data center, DR, network and nancial

  • Performs workload analysis

  • Evaluates technology solution alternatives

  • Includes future state design and a high-level implementation plan, and a nal bill of materials and pricing