“Cloud4c MSS takes a vendor-neutral approach to developing solutions that meet customer business requirements for scalability, reliability, performance, security, timeline and budget with an emphasis on delivering maximum results and return on investment.”

Identify vulnerabilities and security weaknesses that may expose the web application of an organization to the risk of compromise by malicious user or party. Classify discovered vulnerabilities according to risk level and severity. Improve the security posture of the organization by proactively identifying security weaknesses and insecure configuration present in the applications and provide remediation actions.

Methodology of Web Application Testing

Cloud4c MSS Security’s web application security testing service utilizes Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) and advanced static analysis (SAST) – “black box” and “white box” techniques– to detect developing security issues.

Cloud4C MSS Consulting will conduct the web application assessment as described in this Proposal. Upon completion, Cloud4C MSS Consulting shall provide a report containing deliverables. The report will contain documented and detailed findings as a result of performing the service and will convey Cloud4C MSS Consulting’s opinion of how best to remedy vulnerabilities from a vendor-neutral as possible perspective. Cloud4c MSS will conduct an application security testing based on the proven methodologies to analyze, understand, design, implement, optimize, and/or secure the applications. At the conclusion of this project, Cloud4c MSS shall give a web-based presentation to Customer personnel to review the deliverables, answer questions, and provide direction for next step action items.

Comprehensive security coverage with web application firewall by Cloud4C Comprehensive security coverage with web application firewall by Cloud4C
Aim higher with managed security services by Cloud4C Aim higher with managed security services by Cloud4C

MSS by Cloud4C - Benefits

  • Single SLA up to the application login layer

  • 40+ Security Controls

  • Global Presence in 25 Countries

  • Managed 34 Global Banks

  • 12 Years of Rich Experience in Cloud and Managed Services

  • 40+ Security Countries

  • 3500+ Enterprises

  • Reduce TCO for Business Continuance

  • Single SLA up to Application Login

  • Meet the Global Regulatory Compliances on Secure and Scalable Platforms

  • 50+ ISV Ecosystem Engagements

  • Flexible Pricing Models – Pay-as-go