Up in the Cloud:

Banking Industry Ready
for Take off

An Elaboration On The Impact Of Cloud Computing
On The Foundation Of Future Finance



Banking industry is at an inflection point. A multitude of forces are at work driving fundamental transformation in the industry. Banks that act fast and embrace technology have an unprecedented opportunity to benefit from this transformation.

Cloud computing provides the foundation on which the bank of the future will be built. Multi cloud and Hybrid cloud presents an unprecedented opportunity to the CIOs to be the change agents and lead transformation for their banks.

As per Gartner, the global public cloud service market is projected to reach $266 billion in 2020. IDC estimates that of their total IT spend of $200 billion, banks are already spending $20 billion on public cloud.

Is your bank ready to participate in an ecosystem that is open, innovative and collaborative? Are you fit to face a challenger bank that onboards customers seamlessly, prototypes new services quickly, manages regulatory compliance transparently, and uses AI systems to limit losses and downtime?

Bank of the future is being built in the cloud. It's time to embrace it.

Highlighting Your Key Takeaways
Bank of the future will run in the Cloud
Cloud offers an open, innovative and collaborative ecosystem that is set to transform the banking industry
How to plan and execute your journey to the Cloud and choose your technology partner