The Client

AbhiBus is a leading online bus ticketing company that operates pan India. It’s linked with 2500 bus operators—including public and private—and offers tickets across 1,00,000 routes. An approximate 20 lakh users are likely to book tickets on a daily basis through the AbhiBus portal, and other RTC portals managed by AbhiBus, where multiple services such as booking tickets, cancelation of tickets, driver information and so on are available. AbhiBus is also the preferred Information Technology Partner for State Transport Corporations and Private Bus Fleet Bus Partners.

The Challenge

AbhiBus has been concerned about outages and possible downtime issues since their mission-critical applications were hosted on a single server, and they did not have a back-up server. They needed someone who could comprehensively understand their IT infrastructure needs and aid them in delivering smooth and hassle-free ticketing experience to their customers.

The Solution

Cloud4C took an iterative approach to the client’s application by starting off with minimized infra. With traffic happening both on an hourly basis and on a yearly basis, auto-scaling was enabled to ensure a smooth checkout for customers. Seasonal spikes that pose a great challenge in the travel industry, were dealt by providing a customized architecture built on the principles of AWS Well-Architected Framework, for the huge customer base of 20 Lakhs.

As a result, their online ticketing operations have become more seamless through 24X7 support and round-the-clock operations have increased scalability, allowing them to make more alliances and partnerships.

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